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At Ghosh Medical Group we have a dedicated Menopause clinic supporting all women through menopause.

Menopause can be devastating for some women. It often occurs at a time in life when you are juggling lots of challenging roles.

Through fatigue from sleeplessness and anxiety about severe flushes you lose a sense of self and can become withdrawn, isolated, depressed and often your libido disappears.

Relationships may suffer or breakdown. Many women walk away from their careers.

Menopause can occur not only in older women, but also in younger women who may not have started, or completed, their family.


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Dr Trish Jain is our Menopause Specialist who offers a holistic approach to menopause management, providing individual advice and support about treatment options – including HRT, nonhormonal treatments and lifestyle changes.

Why do menopausal symptoms occur?


Menopausal symptoms affect at least 70% of women, this is due to the changing hormone levels, particularly estrogen, but many factors such as diet, lifestyle and stress, as well as certain medication can influence the symptoms.

What can help to reduce menopausal symptoms?

For some people, life-style factors such as reducing/stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake, reducing caffeine intake, reducing stress, eating healthily and taking regular exercise can considerably help the symptoms of menopause.

For others, HRT can be very beneficial. Alternative therapies may also be considered for menopause symptom control.

It is important for those who go through the menopause at an early age (before 45) to understand how taking HRT can help to reduce osteoarthritis and heart health in later life.


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