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Women of all ages should be aware of breast health know how to check themselves.

There are two types of breast examinations, a self- exam and clinical exam. Both can help identify any changes or abnormalities in your breasts.

A breast self-examination is a self-inspection of your breasts. Although there’s no recommended way to check your breast it’s recommended to do a breast self-examination once a month, this is a good way to get to know what’s normal for you.

At Ghosh Medical Group A clinical breast examination is a physical exam of your breast carried out by a healthcare professional Doctor or Nurse.


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What to look out for during self-examination


If you notice any of the symptoms below whilst performing a self examination, book an appointment with Ghosh Medical for peace of mind.

  • A firm lump
  • Swelling around your breast, collarbone, or armpit
  • Dry, red skin around your nipple
  • Fluid leaking from your nipples
  • Warmth or itching in your breasts


Dr Trish Jain is our dedicated GP specialist in women’s health. During a clinical breast examination your doctor will check for any signs of breast cancer, such as small lumps or changes to your breast appearance.
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Breast health is one important part of Women's Health as a whole. Here at Ghosh Medical we provide a range of treatments and services dedicated to helping women of all ages prevent and overcome all kinds of conditions.

For advice on Menopause, Sexual Health, Family Planning, and more; Visit our women's health page.


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