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Prepare yourself for spring and summer with an injection to help prevent symptoms of hay fever. 

If you experience moderate or severe hay fever symptoms during high pollen months, our hay fever injections can provide a vital lifeline for you to enjoy your life as normal. Hay fever injection appointments are available to book now at our Liverpool clinic. 

Patients generally only require one injection to reduce symptoms for the entire hay fever season. Not only are hay fever injections more convenient than having to remember to take tablets every day, but the jabs also contain a slightly lower dose than the tablet form – without compromising on the results! 

Private hay fever injections are no longer available on the NHS, so the only way to get a safe, reliable and professionally administered injection is to opt for treatment at one of our private clinics.


Booking Your Hay Fever Injection

You can book a convenient 15 minute appointment at our Liverpool clinic that includes your private consultation and hay fever injection.

Or to check availability and book your appointment, please call us on 0333 200 3338 or email

Hay Fever Injection (per 40mg/1ml) £95
Hay Fever Reviews

Very professional service i would highly recommend ghosh medical to family and friends 😀


Lovely environment and very helpful staff


I thought the quote given after the consultation was a crazy amount of money. I was shocked! Such a shame because I would have liked the procedure done.


What is hay fever?

Hay fever is thought to affect around 15% of the population who will experience varying degrees of symptoms due to their allergy to pollen. For some they may experience light symptoms such as sneezing or a runny nose but for others the experience can be far more extreme and lead to exhaustion and sickness.

Hay fever occurs as a result of the body’s allergic response to pollen. The immune system detects pollen and treats it as a foreign substance and tries to remove it - the symptoms that result are simply due to the immune system in some people overreacting.

Hay fever is most prevalent in the spring and summer, but that does not mean that people are not affected by pollen outside of these seasons. Pollen can be released by some plants as early as January and the hay fever symptoms can continue for some people well into September.


Hay fever treatment

Hay fever cannot be cured but the symptoms can be lessened by use of various treatments. The most commonly used method is the use of antihistamine tablets. Unfortunately, antihistamines do not work for some and can have side effects which is why people may consider a hay fever injection as an alternative.

The hay fever jab is effectively an anti-inflammatory steroid (Kenalog) injection and helps suppress the body's immune response when it responds to pollen. The hay fever injection is no longer offered by the NHS but is available at private clinics such as those run by Dr Ghosh.

The injection is administered into a large muscle in the body, usually the buttocks, and once injected, it slowly leaks from the muscle over several weeks, providing some relief from hay fever symptoms.

It is particularly useful for people who have significant events coming up which would ordinarily be impacted by hay fever. Students due to sit exams during the hay fever season can particularly benefit from the hay fever jab.


What are the benefits of hayfever injection?

Hay fever injections have helped many people to control hay fever symptoms and for many has made a massive difference to their lives which could have been seriously disrupted by hay fever. Aside from the symptomatic relief, there are other benefits from having a hay fever jab at our Liverpool clinic.

These include:

  • Hay fever sufferers generally only require one injection to reduce symptoms for the entire hay fever season. 
  • More convenient than having to remember to take tablets every day.
  • A slightly lower dose can be administered than the tablet form, since the injection does not have to go through the liver or the digestive system.


Are there any risks of a hay fever jab?

Use of any sort of steroid medication as a hay fever treatment is not risk-free, but it is worth remembering that side effects are generally rare. A small number of people can experience itchiness or skin rashes, abdominal pain, swelling and breathing difficulties following a hay fever jab.

Usually the severe side effects of steroids come from prolonged use of very high doses of steroid. The hay fever injection contains a relatively low dose and carries a much lower risk of adverse side effects.

Despite the chance of side effects being rare, we will always explain the risks to you from the outset. Some people with certain conditions may not be suitable for a hay fever jab and we will not administer it in these circumstances.


Hay Fever Injection - £95 per injection (40mg/1ml)


Injections can be used for allergies such as hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis).  The intramuscular injection is normally given into the muscle of the buttock to help to suppress the overall allergic reaction caused by e.g. pollen.

For people suffering from seasonal allergies such as hay fever, one injection can relieve symptoms over the entire hay fever season. For severe symptoms of hay fever or perhaps aggravating co-existing asthma or particular circumstances, one or two injections a year may be sufficient to cover a patient through the worst of the hay fever season. Not all patients are suitable for the injection and a consent process and advice will be given at your consultation with private GP Dr Arun Ghosh.

Following your appointment, you are safe to return to your normal daily activity or work place.

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