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What is HIV?

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, causes the condition known as AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS is a serious illness, but modern research developments and antiretroviral treatments mean it is no longer considered the death sentence it once was. The key to remaining healthy however, is to know for sure whether you have been infected or not. You need to be tested, and that can now be done for you privately at any one of our clinics using antibody testing.


Regular tests recommended

Sexual health organisations recommend adults of all ages are tested at least once as part of their routine healthcare checks, while those at obvious risk should be tested more often. Since you can get HIV from close and intimate contact with someone who has it, risk factors are mostly associated with sexual relations and the exchange of body fluid. The more intimate partners you have, the greater the risk of sexually transmitted infections. The use of condoms is an important and effective barrier and is universally recommended. Another serious risk factor is the use of shared needles, common with habitual drug users. If you do inject yourself, do not share a needle and syringe with anyone else.

It is also advised that all pregnant women should be tested for HIV so that if they are positive, they can start taking HIV medicine (antiretrovirals) as soon as possible. Obviously the earlier you start taking HIV medicines, the better.

Antibody testing

The most frequently used HIV tests are what are described as antibody tests - they don't detect the infection itself, rather the body's reaction to it. When the body is invaded by any foreign matter, whether germs or viruses, it immediately sets about trying to identify and combat the 'invader'. It does this by creating a fighting force we call antibodies. These are sometimes easier for medical experts to identify than the invading force itself. Such is certainly the case with HIV, and this type of test is both quick and reliable - you will get the results the same day (depending on the time of testing)

Also available at our clinics is the 'HIV Duo Test', which can detect an infection you contracted as recently as 28 days ago. A comprehensive test, it detects antibodies from strains 1 and 2 of the virus.


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Where can I go to get tested?

These and all other health tests are conducted in private at Dr. Arun Ghosh's GP clinics across Liverpool, the Wirral and Chester. Please see our clinic locations page for more information about their addresses.

Tests are conducted in absolute privacy and confidence, and you will also be given the opportunity to discuss any particular concerns you may have in regards to HIV and AIDS with a caring and understanding GP


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Appointments & Further Information

For more information about HIV Antibody Tests or to make your appointment, please call our booking team on 0333 200 3338 or email direct on
Most of our clinics offer free onsite patient car parking and easy access facilities for patients who have mobility issues or are disabled.
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