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Private Family Planning Clinic in Liverpool

Need help and advice with family planning issues? Get in touch with us and we can help arrange an appointment for you with Dr Ghosh regarding all aspects of family planning and sexual health. As leading practitioners of private family planning services, we offer quality family planning advice and assistance to all of our patients.

Whether you’re wanting to discuss having children, contraception, need a test, or are after some other advice, then we can help. At our private family planning clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services and ensure the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all times.


Family Planning Services

Accessing medical care or advice isn’t always easy these days and it’s not uncommon to be left waiting for an appointment, sometimes at the time when you can least afford to. This isn’t the case at Dr Ghosh where we offer a comprehensive range of family planning and other services.

We cover all aspects of family planning such as:

  • Family Planning – advice, guidance and support on aspects of family planning 
  • Contraception – all the contraceptive advice including the best options for you
  • Emergency Contraception – same day service for those in need 
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Services –  help with preconception, antenatal or postnatal care


It’s our aim to make sure that all patients who choose to use us for our family planning services are seen at the earliest available opportunity. 


Why use Dr Ghosh for your family planning?


Family planning isn’t just about contraception and can involve other aspects such as improving your chances of getting pregnant, or even extended to include other aspects of safe sex and sexual health. We actively encourage individuals and couples to attend family planning appointments to discuss the options, whether that is relating to contraception, planning to have a family, the need for emergency contraception, or even maintaining good sexual health.

For those who are looking to avoid pregnancy, we can offer advice on the many different methods of contraception available and the most suitable option for you. Whether you’re in need of a long-term contraceptive or you need emergency contraception, then be sure to book an appointment with Dr Ghosh.

As one of the leading private clinics, we offer some of the best private medical services in Liverpool and our family planning clinic services are no different. No matter what type of family planning service you might require we have you covered.


Coil/Implant Services with a Gynaecologist
Mirena Coil Fitting and Consult with a Gynaecologist
Copper Coil Fitting and Consult with a Gynaecologist
Coil Removal and Consult with a Gynaecologist
Implant Removal with a Gynaecologist
Implant Insertion with a Gynaecologist
Contraceptive Coil/Implant Services with a GP
Implant Removal with a GP
Implant Insertion with a GP
Mirena Coil Insertion with a GP
Copper Coil Insertion with a GP
Coil Copper/Mirena Removal with a GP


Booking an appointment

For a private family planning service appointment with Dr Arun Ghosh, use the link below or give us a call today.


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