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Get access to private & discreet Cervical Screening, Smear Tests and HPV Vaccinations for women of all ages. We can ensure you are tested as regularly as you would like outside of the NHS and regardless of your age.

Remove worry with a private smear test in Liverpool

Are you worried about cervical cancer and want to identify any possible problems early or get total peace of mind?  We are able to support female patients of any age and without any referral from your doctor. You can book your own private cervical screening with a simple phone call to Dr Ghosh

A cervical screening test or smear test (also known as the Papanicolaou test, Pap test, cervical smear), is a method of detecting abnormal (potentially precancerous) cells and cancerous processes in the cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. Combined with cervical screening, the HPV vaccination, which is also available from Dr Ghosh, is also an important step towards preventing cervical cancer.


Why get a smear test?

It is important for women to check the health of their cervix regularly. Millions of women in the UK are regularly invited to attend a smear test, though not all take up the option for something that could in effect save their life.

Having a regular smear test means that any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix can be identified at an early stage and, if necessary, treated to stop cancer developing. In most cases, abnormal cells are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 

Having a smear will detect those cells in the cervix and identify abnormalities at an early stage so that they can be treated before they can become cancerous. It is estimated that early detection and treatment can prevent up to 75% of cervical cancers.


What are the advantages of going for a private smear test?

A private smear test can be ideal for those who want to get their test out of the way and receive their results quickly. Here are some of the advantages of having a private smear test in Liverpool.

  • Easy access to smear tests and fast results, usually within 4 working days
  • Can be ideal for those who have missed of failed to attend their NHS screening
  • If abnormal cells are detected you will have fast access to a a follow up consultation
  • An appointment can be arranged without needing a referral from your GP
  • Can arrange screening if you fall outside the normal age range for screening or if you prefer more regular testing (NHS cervical screening programme provides screening every 3 years for women aged 25-49, and every 5 years for women aged 50-64)


What about smear tests for under 25s?There has been much debate about cervical smear tests and whether they should be given as a matter of course to women under 25. Currently this isn’t the case - and it is worth pointing out that your chance of developing cervical cancer if under 25 are slim - but if you wish to have peace of mind and have a private smear test with us. then we can see anyone over the age of 18.

What does a cervical smear test involve?

Although it can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first time having a smear test, but fear shouldn’t be a reason to prevent you getting your test done. A small amount of discomfort could be lifesaving

  • A private appointment for a cervical smear test takes just 30 minutes.  
  • You’ll be asked to remove your clothes from the waist down and then lie down. 
  • The healthcare professional will place a paper sheet over the lower half of your body.
  • A plastic or metal instrument will be inserted into your vagina to open it up and allow the cervix to be seen. 
  • A brush will be used to take a sample of your cervical cells which will be sent off for analysis. 
  • You may feel some discomfort when having the smear test, however trying to stay as relaxed as possible may help.
  • If you’re particularly nervous or uncomfortable attending then get a family member or a friend to accompany you.
  • We process and return your results within 4 working days and can make available your results via email or text message, over the phone or be sent in the post.

What happens if I get an abnormal result?

If your smear test presents some abnormal results, this by no means suggests that cancer is present, so is no reason to get unduly worried. If your test results highlight abnormal cells then we will get in touch and advise you to make another appointment with us. It is important that any abnormalities have been detected early.

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How much does a private smear test cost?

Cost of Appointment & Smear Test in Liverpool are just £225. If you wish to combine your cervical smear screening with a HPV Screening, this costs £325.


Booking your cervical smear appointment

You can book a cervical smear test quickly and conveniently for total peace of mind. Always ask for your appointment with private GP Dr Arun Ghosh. Please Call our central booking line on 0333 200 3338.

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