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The Male Menopause

As a man, if you are experiencing health problems, especially as you enter middle age, you might be suffering from what is colloquially dubbed 'the male menopause'. This is a drop in hormones, which can have a wide-reaching range of health impacts. The good news is that treatment is available, and it could soon have you feeling much better. Here at Ghosh Medical Group, our private treatment service includes Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Contact us now for more information.

Do I need TRT?

Have you been feeling under the weather? Have new symptoms emerged in recent years which have left you feeling unwell - or just 'not yourself? If you are experiencing some of the issues below, you should speak to our doctor for an assessment.

- Low mood or mood swings

- Weight gain, particularly around the stomach and chest

- Sleeping too much, or poor sleep (insomnia)

- Erectile dysfunction or loss of libido

- Memory loss and/or lapses in concentration

These symptoms can be caused by a range of conditions, both mental and medical, so you must seek a doctor's advice. Tests such as bloodwork can be carried out, which will look for underlying causes of your problems.

Hormone levels and hypogonadism


As men advance in age, they experience a slight but steady drop in their testosterone levels. This should cause no issues in itself, as it occurs so slowly. However, it is possible in some cases for hormone levels to drop off entirely; a condition that is known as hypogonadism. This lack of testosterone can cause the symptoms outlined above, and it requires specific treatment to rebalance the hormone levels in your body.

Testosterone levels can also fall after some kinds of intensive medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

Testosterone replacement


Also known as androgen replacement therapy, TRT is the male equivalent of the better known HRT treatment, which women often undergo during menopause. Instead of oestrogen, the patient receives regular injections of testosterone to replace the lost hormones. These injections are given transdermally or under the skin.

In many cases, treatment will continue periodically throughout your life. In some, the injections of testosterone can kickstart the body's own production of this vital hormone. Our doctors will discuss your own case and treatment plan with you in detail.


Women and testosterone


Though TRT is primarily associated with men's health, in some rare cases testosterone can also be prescribed to women. This includes women who are post-menopausal and experiencing a severe imbalance of hormones, perhaps as a reaction to HRT. Testosterone injections are also used in the treatment of patients who are undergoing gender reassignment therapy.



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