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Getting a prescription can often be a time-consuming and tedious process. Save yourself valuable time, money, and have access to more choice of treatments with Private Prescriptions from Dr Ghosh in Liverpool.


Enjoy the convenience and book a short private prescription appointment to enjoy the benefit of not having to jump through hoops when trying to get a prescription from your own GP.  Private prescriptions from Dr Ghosh make the whole process far easier for you, eliminating all the inconvenience and limited options that an NHS prescription can bring.

Convenient appointments for private prescription and repeat prescriptions in Liverpool

A lot of people go without the correct prescriptions because of the cost or long wait times involved in getting a prescription or getting to see the correct NHS consultant. Ghosh Medical provides private prescriptions in Liverpool so that you don’t need to worry about long wait times or high fees.

Our private prescription service can provide you with all licensed NHS and non NHS medication with national brands, international brands and a wide range of vaccinations.

We are fully licenced to issue prescriptions for almost all conditions and health issues. If in doubt, please contact us and our friendly reception team will be able to help. Call our clinics in Liverpool or Wirral today to book an appointment or ask about how we can help you with a private prescription.


What private prescriptions can we provide?

We provide a range of private prescriptions for patients in Liverpool, including those needing prescriptions for some of the following conditions or health issues:


  • Heart and blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrinology
  • Weight management
  • Asthma
  • Sexual health
  • Infectious disease e.g antibiotics or antiviral drugs
  • Other medicines and drugs

Why have a private prescription?


Getting a private medicine appointment with your own NHS GP isn’t always straightforward and can often be a huge source of frustration, especially when all you want is your prescription. You can avoid all the unnecessary stress and go straight for an appointment with Dr Ghosh to help sort out your private prescription needs.

Another source of frustration can be the fact that not all treatments are available on an NHS prescription, or the qualifying criteria often limits them to very few individuals. People with certain conditions, such as loss of hair, loss of libido or premature ejaculation cannot usually be given an NHS prescription for these, while other conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, may only be available to those who meet very strict criteria. This is where a private prescription can assist. 

Even if you are able to get the drugs you require, these are often prescribed by your NHS doctor in very limited quantities, meaning you’ll very soon need a repeat prescription and have to go through the process again.

In some cases treatments may be available on the NHS, but it can sometimes come down to where you live - the so-called ‘postcode lottery’ - which means that some drugs may not be available due to budget constraints in your area, or a doctor’s unwillingness to prescribe what you want. One such example might be an anti-smoking drug which might be available on the NHS to first-timers but will not be made available for those who have unfortunately lapsed.

With a private prescription, you do not have to pay the NHS prescription charge that is levied on patients in England, but instead will pay a private fee determined by a pharmacy. This means that some products may be less expensive via private prescription in Liverpool.



What are the benefits of private prescriptions?

The advantages of having a private prescription instead of an NHS prescription are many and include the following:

  • Private appointments can be made quickly and with more time flexibility
  • Access to more medications and treatments than through the NHS
  • No restrictions on minimum number of tablets prescribed at a time
  • No obligation to prescribe the cheapest option
  • You may be able to receive more than one treatment on the same prescription
  • You may be able to save money on certain prescriptions if they cost less than the NHS standard prescription fee (this often applies to certain painkillers and antihistamines)



Easy and affordable Private Prescriptions

In order to give you the proper medication, one of our GPs will want to have a consultation with you to assess your health and provide you with the most appropriate medication. Consultations are done in the comfort of our Liverpool clinic and are carried out by a member of our experienced medical team.

During the consultation, your GP will ask you about your condition, any existing medication, and any other questions pertinent to your case. Based on their diagnosis, they will issue a prescription. If you have specific preferences they will also be able to discuss these with you to make sure you are properly informed and receive the best possible treatment.

Our private prescriptions can be given directly to you or easily transferred to your nominated pharmacy for collection. All prescriptions are completely confidential and secure and we won’t share any information with an NHS GP or other service provider unless you ask us to.

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Can a private prescription save me money?

As well as eliminating the inconvenience of a NHS prescription, choosing to get a private prescription in Liverpool from Ghosh Medical could save you money, not only by removing any potential travel costs or the loss of your time, but also in terms of the costs of the drugs themselves. Since NHS prescriptions have a £9.35 charge for each item prescribed, some products such as antihistamines, painkillers, and generic medications may work out far less expensive via private prescription or over the counter. Many generic medications consist of the same active ingredients as their branded versions, but will generally be much less expensive. Therefore medications of this type can often be far less expensive on private prescription than through the NHS.

Booking An Appointment

For a simple private medicine appointment for a prescription or repeat prescription, book a 15 minute appointment with Dr Arun Ghosh. Please call our Liverpool clinic on 0333 200 3338 and always ask to see Dr Arun Ghosh.

How Much is A Private Presciption?
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