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What is a Colposcopy?

A Colposcopy is a specialist medical procedure which involved the examination of the cervix and vagina using a colposcope.

Like a cervical screening test, a speculum is inserted to keep the vaginal walls apart, enabling the clinician to see the cervix properly.

One of our qualified clinicians will apply a liquid solution to your cervix, which will visually identify any areas of abnormal cells. The clinician will also look for blood vessels and any other abnormalities. If necessary, the clinician may decide to take a biopsy of your cervix.

A Colposcopy may be slightly uncomfortable, although it is usually not painful.

Why might you need a Colposcopy?
  1. 01 Your cervical screening test found some abnormal cells in your cervix and an infection with human papillomavirus (HPV)
  2. 02 You have an HPV infection which hasn't gone away
  3. 03 The screening service was unable to give you a result from your screening tests (Colposcopy can provide reassurance)
  4. 04 The clinician who carried out your screening test thought your cervix did not look as healthy as it should
How can a DYSIS Colposcopy help you?
  • Accurate and precise way to detect abnormal cervical changes.
  • Clinically proven to detect more high grade abnormalities than traditional colposcopy alone, especially those that may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • Standardises and objectively measures the results of a standard test that is performed during Colposcopy. It then displays the results in the form of a colour-coded map, called the DYSISmap, which is a bit like a weather map.

What is special about the DYSISmap?


  • DYSISmap Highlights the areas of the cervix the most extreme whitening (which indicates abnormality).

  • This helps your clinician to select the most appropriate area(s) to biopsy, helping to detect pre-cancers early when they are the most treatable.

  • Clinical studies have shown that when the DYSISmap is used in addition to a visual colposcopy examination, detection of pre-cancerous areas can increase by over 30%.

  • DYSISmap can provide additional information to your clinician, allowing for a more accurate first-time assessment and making it easier for you to understand your condition.
  • DYSIS can also help with tracking changes through its ability to compare cervical images from appointment to appointment. This is particularly helpful as some cervical abnormalities can regress without treatment.

  • DYSIS is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and recognised by the NHS Cervical Screening Programme, Publication 20 Guidelines.

  • Clinical surveys have shown that 4 out of 5 women prefer DYSIS for Colposcopy.


Patient Testimonials

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    Learn about Felicia's experience of DYSIS Colposcopy, as she explains how it helped her to gain a more accurate diagnosis.
DYSIS Colposcopy with Consultation
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