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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What is Autism?

Autism refers to a wide range of conditions effecting an individuals social skills, ability to communicate (both verbal and non-verbal), and behavioural or learning development.

What does it look like?

For children, Autism can show in different ways depending on multiple factors, including age.

Autism in young children may present itself in ways such as:

  • Not reacting when their name is called
  • Steering clear of making eye contact
  • Failing to smile in response to someone else's smile
  • Becoming extremely distressed by certain tastes, smells, or sounds they dislike
  • Engaging in repetitive actions like hand flapping, finger flicking, or body rocking
  • Speaking less frequently compared to their peers
  • Participating less in imaginative play
  • Echoing the same phrases repeatedly

Autism in older children may present itself in ways such as:

  • Having difficulty grasping others' thoughts or emotions
  • Speaking in unusual ways, such as echoing phrases or talking at people rather than with them
  • Preferring a rigid daily schedule and becoming highly distressed by changes
  • Developing intense interests in specific subjects or activities
  • Becoming very upset when asked to do something
  • Struggling to make friends or favoring solitude
  • Interpreting things very literally, such as not understanding idioms like "break a leg"
  • Struggling to express their own feelings

Autism Assessment

Our Autism Screening Assessment takes into account a child's full neurodevelopmental history, including a physical examination, review of school reports, and scoring of relevant autism questionnaires. It should be noted this is not a formal diagnostic assessment, but to indicate whether autism is a likely diagnosis or not, and upon which a formal diagnostic assessment could be recommended.

See below for assessment prices.

Autism Screening Assessment (Face to Face)
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Meet Dr Nawaz

With a career spanning over three decades, our resident Consultant Paediatrician Dr Nawaz brings an unrivalled level of experience and expertise to the Ghosh Medical Team.

He has held a number of senior roles in the NHS and has consistantly and tirelessly fought to enhance services for children and young people both in hospitals and in the wider community.

Dr Nawaz specialises in ADHD treatment, and his work in this field has seen him nominated for nationally recoginised awards. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside him here at Ghosh Medical.

To read more about Dr Nawaz and his work, visit his profile page below.


Learn more about Dr Nawaz

"We met Dr Nawaz after a referral from the ADHD foundation for my 12 year old. Dr Nawaz has a very calm demeanour and put us at ease straight away. 

It was a positive experience and the follow up report arrived promptly and with lots of useful information."

"I would 100% recommend Dr Nawaz. My son had already been diagnosed with ADHD and was receiving medication when we went to see Dr Nawaz.

What struck me most was the way Dr Nawaz was able to speak to my son, clearly explaining what ADHD meant and, importantly, what it did not mean. He was calm, kind and totally reassuring."

"We could not have asked for a better service. He was professional, courteous and supportive and provided the clarity as well as a route forward. We could not recommend him enough. A credit to his profession."

"I would highly recommend Dr Nawaz, he has been so very supportive with our daughter. We wholeheartedly thank Dr Nawaz for the professional help and advice, for listening, supporting and giving our daughter back the confidence in herself."

"I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Nawaz. He’s very knowledgeable about ADHD, he’s patient, caring and really listens. He is not in a rush and gives you the time you need. He’s provided sound advice and has carefully worked with us to find the best medication and signposted us to other support he recommends will assist. He also kindly spoke to our son’s school and provided recommendations for school."

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