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Medication Titration 

For your child's ADHD medication, we will start on the lowest dose and then gradually increase depending on their response and any complications. Sometime your child may need to change medication as part of the titration process. This requires multiple appointments to monitor your child's health and find the right medication and dosage for them.

Once a stable dose is established, Dr Nawaz can request shared care and on-going prescribing by your GP. However, if you wish to stay being seen by Dr Nawaz, you can also book in a follow up with us every 4-6 months. 

You can learn more about Dr Nawaz's titration process here.


You can access Dr Nawaz's resources for patients and parents here.


Services For Current Patients
Medication Titration Appointment
ADHD Review Appointment (Every 4-6 Months)
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