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Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine Services - With Dr Haytham Salem


Ghosh Medical Group are incredibly excited to announce our new MSK Sports Medicine services. You can now be seen for all your sporting injuries in our Liverpool clinic, from small level knocks and strains to debilitating knee arthritis. 

Dr Salem joins the team with plenty of experience in London, the Middle East, and now as a premier league doctor. Having played professional football in Egypt at a younger age, Dr Salem understands the demands and needs of sports people of all abilities up to an elite level.

Dr Salem can structure a full rehabilitation program, getting you back to doing what you enjoy. He is skilled at using ultrasound for diagnostic purposes and therapeutic injections, offering a full compliment of treatment options, including Goldic regenerative medicine.


Should You See A Sports Medicine Doctor?


We can treat a range of sports or general mobility issues here at Ghosh Medical Group, from something as minor as a strain, to full blown knee arthritis that leaves you struggling to walk. 

By pioneering the latest treatments, we are able to help you with a swift, and effective diagnosis, and a first class rehabilitation program to provide comprehensive, all encompassing care throughout your recovery. 

We understand the importance of staying active, and the effect injuries can have on both your physical and mental health, whether you're an amateur sportsperson or a fully paid professional. No issue is too big or too small for our team, and we're committed to being there for you at every step of the journey, until you're back to the active, healthy person you're meant to be. 


What Services Do We Offer?
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Tennis Elbow Treatment
  • Frozen Shoulder Treatment
  • Knee, Hand, Foot, and Ankle Arthritis Treatment
  • Steroid Injections
  • Prolotherapy
  • Regenerative Medicine (Goldic and Arthrosamid)


The Cutting Edge of Sports Medicine.


We don't just offer the same as everyone else. At Ghosh Medical Group, we are on the forefront of sports medicine and pride ourselves in pioneering industry leading treatments used by top professional sports clubs. 

Click here to find out more about Arthosamid, Goldic, Ostensil, or Durolane, and discover how these treatments can help you get your active lifestyle back on track. 


Meet Dr Haytham Salem, Our MSK Sports Medicine Specialist


Dr Haytham Salem is a Fellow of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (FFSEM) and has a diploma in MSK Medicine (DFSEM), MSK Ultrasound Diagnostics and Advanced Guided Injections (PGCert MSK U/S).

Dr Salem is a GP with a special interest in Sports Medicine & corporate wellness. A former professional football player, Haytham started his medical career in Egypt specialising in Trauma and Orthopedics, in addition to practicing as a Sports Medicine Doctor.  For over 6 years, Haytham worked within Sports insurance in the Middle East and is currently a Premier League team Doctor. 

You can find out more about Dr Salem here


MSK Sports Medicine Price List
Sports Medicine Doctor Initial Consultation
Sports Medicine Doctor Follow-up Consultation
Diagnostics MSK Ultrasound
U/S Guided Steroid Injections
Knee Arthritis - Ostenil Plus
Knee Arthritis - Durolane
Shoulder Arthritis/Frozen Shoulder - Hyaluronic Acid Injection
Small Joint Arthritis (Hands/Feet/Ankle) - 4 Injections Over 1 Month
Tennis/Golfers Elbow/Achilles Tendinopathy/GTPS/Patellar Tendinopathy - Hyaluronic Acid Injection
High Volume Injection
PRP (Will Usually Need 3-5 Injections Per Joint)
£647.00 (Per Injection)
Arthrosamid Non-biodegradable Hydrogel For Knee Arthritis
£2497.00 Per Knee (£4750.00 For 2 Knees)
Regenerative Goldic Injections (4 Injections Over A Month)





Patient Reviews 

See what patients have said about Dr Haytham Salem

I want to sincerely thank the Dr Haytham Salem. For the first time in 3 years I received effective help. I suffered from continuous leg pain and been seen by many specialists but only Dr Salem found the real cause of my problems. He is not only a highly qualified specialist but a kind, intelligent and pleasant person. I would strongly advise everyone who needs help to seek advice from him.


Dr. Salem was incredibly kind, patient and understanding. He took the time to explain everything so well and in great detail. We’re very grateful for the service we received. My elderly mum feels much more assured & supported and has confidence in Dr. Salem. He comes across as genuinely caring and wanting to help, this makes a huge difference, especially to elderly patients who are scared of daunting procedures, he really helps to put them at ease and it means a lot. He listened to all of our questions, didn’t try to rush us or talk down to us.


I would highly recommend Dr Salem, he is very thorough and involved me completely in my care as well as being straight to the point and understanding exactly what I was saying. I also found he had great follow on knowledge from my previous appointment which made my follow up much more straightforward. 


I am extremely happy with Dr. Salem. he is very attentive, caring and has empathy towards myself as well I understand towards other patients which is a rarity these days in the NHS. Not treating you as an item on a conveyor belt but rather as a human being. I have praised him to my family & my work colleague too. simply, a divine human being.


Dr Salem was really thorough and took time to answer my questions and explain my options. Really focused on helping me get back to fitness and cycling. Really positive experience and very grateful to have him helping me.


I was treated extremely well. I was expecting the injection to be painful, but it was done gently and professionally.

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