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We all know how important it is to stay fit and well, which is why routine blood tests are a great way to monitor our health.

If you or your GP have any concerns over your health, they may also refer you for some blood tests. Waiting for these results can be a tedious and stressful time. That’s why the private blood tests at GHOSH Medical Group are a popular option.

Taking place in Manchester, our private blood tests enable patients to access their results within 24 hours. This helps eliminate the worry and anxiety that often builds up while waiting for test results.

Whether you have been referred by a GP, or simply wish to keep on top of your regular health screening, our private blood tests offer ease, efficiency, and peace of mind. Not only are they affordable, but our blood tests also save you the time and hassle of spending hours in a waiting room. Depending on your current circumstances, GP referral, and previous medical history, we will usually provide a full blood count for our patients.


What to expect

  • A full blood count at our private clinic in Manchester
  • Tests taken by an experienced doctor
  • All tests sent to an accredited laboratory
  • Results within 24 hours*
  • A full blood test report sent to you via email


Why choose private blood tests?

On average, blood test results through the NHS usually take between 5 and 7 working days to come back. For many of us, this can feel like a very long time, especially if we have specific health concerns.

Those who opt for private blood tests will usually receive results within 24 hours. We send all blood tests directly to the lab for immediate processing. Some, more complex, test results may take slightly longer but will be returned to you as soon as possible.

If you have blood tests through the NHS, you will often be required to sit in a waiting room for a long period of time. Our private blood tests in Manchester are by appointment only, meaning that you will be seen at your allotted time. It is important to note that no information will be shared with a GP or other medical professional unless you provide consent.


What is a full blood count?

A full blood count, also known as an FBC or complete blood count, is the most common type of blood test in the UK. This test counts the number of platelets, red and white blood cells, and haemoglobin levels. The FBC is used to monitor general health and help diagnose a variety of illnesses and conditions.

The full blood count will analyse:

  • Liver and kidney function
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Blood glucose
  • Cholesterol & lipids
  • Inflammation

Our blood tests will also detect a range of diseases including diabetes and heart disease.


Are there any other blood tests available at your clinic?

Along with a full blood count, we can also provide the following specialist blood tests:

  • Thyroid function & iron
  • Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid
  • CK & LDH (muscle function)
  • Well Woman Blood Test (includes Vitamin D)
  • Well Man Blood Test (includes PSA Prostate profile)
  • Visa medicals (blood tests depend on specific country requirements)


What can a blood test find?

A blood test is an efficient way to catch the early onset of many illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, HIV, and certain types of cancer such as leukaemia. Blood tests also look at vital organ functions, minerals and vitamins, and hormones to help determine your current health status. A full blood count can also detect vitamin deficiencies, which may be linked to specific symptoms. The test can also help determine whether the patient has a viral infection.


Do I need to prepare before the test?

If you are having a full blood count, you will not be required to do anything before your test.

If you are being specifically tested for cholesterol or glucose levels, our clinic may advise you to fast. If there are any preparations you need to make, we will inform you ahead of time.


How is the blood sample taken?

At GHOSH Medical Group, our doctors are well trained and experienced in taking blood tests. The doctor will take a straightforward blood sample using a needle. You may experience a slight tightness or pinching sensation in the arm, but this will only last for a few seconds. The blood sample is then placed into a tube which will be sent to the lab for a detailed analysis.


How can I book a blood test?

If you would like to book a private blood test, the first step will be to contact our bookings team. Let them know which type of test you would like and choose an appointment time that suits you. Please note that you do not need a GP referral for a private blood test.



Appointments & further information

To book an appointment or find out more about our private blood tests, please contact our booking team on 0333 200 3338 or via email at


* While routine blood test results are usually sent to you within 24 hours, some specific tests may take slightly longer.

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