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Ghosh Medical is a fully approved private medical provider to administer the Covid PCR test in Wirral. Our tests are quick and convenient, and we offer both in-home and in-clinic testing. To maintain absolute accuracy, we have a specialised tracking system to ensure we track your sample from source to results. All of our tests are taken by qualified healthcare professionals who will ensure the highest quality of service and care.


Regular testing for the Covid virus is one of the best ways to stop the spread of the virus. Tests are also now required for a number of reasons to protect you and those around you.

You may require a PCR test for some of the following:

  • Organised events
  • International travel
  • Test to release scheme
  • Fit to work certification after sick leave
  • Your own peace of mind

PCR tests are not readily available through the NHS and many companies, including airlines, will only accept certificates issued by private medical providers in order to reduce any strain put on the NHS. 

What happens during the test?

Once you have made an appointment – either at one of our clinics or for an at-home test – one of our medical staff will meet you to complete the test. The PCR test is done by using a long swab to take a sample from your nose and throat. The test shouldn’t be painful, although you might experience some discomfort while the swab is being taken. Discomfort will ease immediately after the sample is taken.

Our staff will then carefully label your sample and send it to the laboratory for testing and you will be free to go.

The sample will be analysed in the lab to identify the live covid virus. If you receive a negative result it means you do not have the virus. If you have a positive result it means you have the virus and you should start isolating immediately.

When will my results be ready?

We know that your health is important to you and that PCR tests are often needed for time-sensitive events. That’s why we offer a fast turnaround time with test results available within 48 hours or two working days. In some cases, results will be available in as little as 12 hours.

As soon as your results are ready, we will be in touch with you to let you know and will send you any certificates you may need, including a fit-to-fly, test-to-release, or fit-to-work certificate. We also offer a complimentary telemedical appointment to talk to you about your results and any precautions you may need to take based on your results.

PCR flight testing Wirral

If you are planning to travel you will need a PCR test or 'fit to fly certificate' to show you do not have the active COVID virus. Airlines and most country authorities require a private PCR test from an NHS trained UK General Medical Council (GMC) doctor.

Ghosh Medical is fully accredited by the CQC and AKAS and can help to take the stress out of your travel plans. 

PCR Testing

Need your results quick? We can offer express turnaround of COVID-19 PCR swab testing.

Time to get results **
RT-PCR test
Next day results
RT-PCR test
Same day results *
RT-PCR test
Four hour result turnaround *
Test to Release (Day 5)
Next day results
RT-PCR Day 2 & Day 8 Test Package
Next day results
*RT-PCR appointment needs to be before 4pm for same day results. ** Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided.
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