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At Ghosh Medical Group, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you get the best treatment that is perfectly tailored to you. Our Manchester location comes with a whole host of innovative health screenings that are tailored to all different lifestyles and needs. We know that you want the best out of your healthcare, and we strive to never settle for less than perfection.

What health checks are offered?

Our treatments are designed to work for you, and as such, we have a whole range of health checks that are designed to perfectly accompany the choices you make and the life you lead.


Executive Health Check

Curated for the business-oriented who are always on the go and always working hard, this health check tests for common illnesses that are associated with high-stakes, stressful roles, perfectly balanced to make sure you are getting all the regular health check-ups you need without multiple visits to the doctor.


Well Man/Woman check

These checks differentiate on gender, honing in on all the most important aspects of each gender’s health and giving an in-depth analysis into any problems you might be facing, and minimising potential problems you may risk in the future. Here at our Manchester clinic, we want to ensure you feel as though you are in the safest possible hands.


Health MOT

Similar to how you ensure your car is kept in the best possible condition, we strive to do the same to meet your body’s needs. This check serves as a deep dive into all your medical history and lifestyle choices, pinpointing any potential problems and suggesting fixes before they turn into anything worse. Your body is the most vital piece of machinery you have, and our health MOT is the best way to ensure you’re maintaining it to the highest possible standard.


How much do these treatments cost?

Prices start from £200 depending on which screening you choose, and is priced according to the standard of care we provide and the work we put into ensuring you have the best possible experience during your health screening.


What other services do you offer?

We offer a huge range of safe, discreet services for all your healthcare needs, including private consultations, x-rays and scans, minor surgeries, and lots more. We aim to cover every single aspect of your health, so you’re always sure of receiving the best possible treatment.


Why Dr Ghosh?

We know that health checks are not always high on people’s lists of priorities, which is why we want to ensure that your health check is something you can look forward to with highly trained professionals who make each appointment personal to you. Every individual is different, and that’s why we believe in making sure you get the time with your doctor to discuss any health issues you might be worried about so they can provide the best possible insight and ensure you get the treatment you need.


Where can we find you?

You can find our Manchester clinic in the heart of Media City, perfectly situated so that no matter if you’re travelling to us from work or home, we’re easy to access and quick to help you in whatever way we can.

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