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If you have travel plans then taking steps to ensure you will not face difficulties with entry and exit due to any Coronavirus precautions in place needs to be right up there on your travel priority list.


Private PCR Test for Liverpool Travellers

Each individual country and their airlines have their own restrictions when it comes to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic. By taking a COVID-19 Test you can ensure that you are virus-free and have evidence from a medical professional to prove that this is the case.

Not only will taking a PCR swab test give your peace of mind, but it will also help you overcome any potential travel restrictions which are constantly changing during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation.


How can Ghosh Medical Group help you with a flight certificate? 

We can make the task of getting you and your family tested and provide you with written evidence that you are virus-free. Visit us at our Liverpool clinic and we will carry out your COVID tests and get your results processed as quickly as possible. 

We will make the whole process for you as easy as possible. In the comfortable surroundings of our clinic, we will carry out your swab test. This should not be painful although you will feel some discomfort. We can help put all your family members at ease. Tests carried out at our clinic are sent to the lab the same day and results are normally processed within 48 hours but can be within 12 hours.

We would suggest that you visit us for your COVID test around 5 days from your date of travel, although we would recommend that you check with your airline the timeframe for when the test needs to be done before the flight as these can vary from country to country. Since test results can take up to 72 hours,  we would need sufficient time to provide you with the certification that you may need for travel.

How will a Covid-19 travel certificate help?

Restrictions on international travel vary from country to country, with many requiring a medical certificate as proof of a negative test result for Covid-19. Being in possession of this can help air passengers in some instances gain entry to the country without needing to undergo a period of quarantine.

Even if you are travelling to a country that does not require any proof that you are Covid-19-free, taking a test can give you and your family extra peace of mind that you are safe to travel and are not a risk to other passengers.

Flight Certificate

We also offer travel-safe flight certificate testing, which includes our same day* express test – RT-PCR. It is UKAS and CQC accredited and fully approved by ALL airlines.

* RT-PCR same day result appointments must be booked before 4pm.
** Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided.


What test do I need to travel?
Use our checker below, simply choose a destination you are traveling to:

On your return, please refer to the information on international travel about the country traffic light system.

Checker assumes travel is from an English airport. Rules vary for other nations of the United Kingdom. Data correct as of 12/05/2021 at 15:00.

If ever unsure, please refer to Official Guidance. There may be additional requirements, further to Covid Testing, to enter a country - ensure you are eligible to enter before travel.

Please note: Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided.


FAQs about Covid-19 fit to fly tests for air passengers


How soon from my flight should I take my swab test?

The period of time from your flight and when you should take your test will depend on your particular airline and their rules so check with them first. Test results can take up to 48 hours (but can be as little as 12 hours) to come back from the lab, so you need to allow sufficient time for that and for any certification about your eligibility to fly to be prepared for you.

Do I need to take a test even if I have no symptoms?

Covid-19 is a virus that some people can carry without displaying any symptoms - they are what is known as ‘asymptomatic’. This being without symptoms is more common among young people, but does affect older adults, and is one of the very reasons that tests before flying make sense.

Can COVID swabs tests be carried out on children?

Taking swabs from children can be difficult because the procedure can be intrusive and requires them to sit still. For this reason we do not carry out Covid-19 swab test on children under the age of 5. We are used to dealing with children so are able to put them at ease during any procedure at our clinic.

Can I do my coronavirus test myself at home?

While it is possible to purchase home testing kits, at Ghosh Medical Group, we want you to have the confidence that the results of your test are accurate and that any certificate we issue relates to the correct individual. This is why we carry out all covid-19 tests personally via one of our CQC registered healthcare professionals who will take your sample before it is sent off for analysis.

What do I do if my test is negative?

A negative test means that you were not infected with coronavirus when you took the test, so you will be able to stick to your travel plans. Be sure to take your fit to fly certificate with you to smooth your entry into certain countries and avoid the need to quarantine..

What do I do if my coronavirus test is positive?

If the results of your covid test are positive then you and your household should isolate and all the people that you have been in contact with up to 2 days before you developed symptoms should be contacted, so that these people can be aware and tested themselves if they show symptoms of Covid-19. You will need to cancel your travel plans.

What if I feel unable to have a throat/nose swab taken as part of a test?

A throat and nose swab test will measure active levels of coronavirus in the body and is the only private covid-19 test that we offer which will tell whether you are still infected and infective. Other types of tests including the rapid antibody test and lab based antibody test involve blood samples and are only able to detect a previous coronavirus infection. For Covid-19 travel test certificates the requirement is a negative COVID test.

How do I know if my destination requires me to undertake a Covid-19 test before flying?

The situation with Covid-19 is a rapidly changing one and the rules imposed by airlines and countries vary and can quickly change. We recommend that you ask your airline for specific advice and check the advice provided by the Foreign Office for your destination.

What should I do if I start to display covid-19 symptoms before travel?

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 then you should not travel. Some airlines carry out temperate and other checks on people before they travel so it is possible that you would be detected at this point. Airlines are within their rights to refuse to allow anyone to travel if they suspect they have symptoms such as a high temperature or a persistent new cough.



COVID-19 PCR Testing Online Booking

You can now book your test online via the following link:

Should a convenient time not be available please contact a member of the team.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Covid-19 Testing Services

PCR Testing in Liverpool

Need your results quick? We can offer express turnaround of COVID-19 PCR swab testing.

Pre Travel Testing

PCR test - Next Day


PCR - Same day (Before 12)


PCR - Same Day (After 12)


RT-PCR test (4 hr turnaround)



Post Travel Testing

Day 2 - Same Day (Before 12)


Day 2 or Day 8 - Next Day

*RT-PCR appointment needs to be before 4pm for same day results. ** Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided.

RT-PCR Testing in Liverpool

RT-PCR (Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) tests are a new way of providing PCR tests quickly, with highly accurate results. Reverse transcription tests have been used for a long time in detecting other viruses such as the Zika virus, but have only recently been adapted for detecting the Novel Coronavirus. Our RT-PCR tests provide you with same day results* with the highest level of accuracy.

RT-PCR tests are approved by all airlines for travel and can also be used for the Test to Release scheme for international travel returns. 


How the test works

Tests are done in the same way as normal COVID-19 tests, with a swab being used to take a sample from your throat and nose. The process is quick and painless, although you may experience slight discomfort. Any discomfort will ease as soon as the sample is taken.

Samples are carefully labelled and sent to the laboratory where they are analysed for the live COVID-19 virus. Previous tests required more time as results for the active virus were only available at the end of the testing process. The RT-PCR test allows lab technicians to assess results earlier in the process so that you can receive them on the same day as your test.

GOV.UK listed, UKAS accredited coronavirus test provider

The UK Government lists us as a private test provider; you can rest assured that our testing service and procedures are of the highest standard via our UKAS accreditation.

Our test certificates are recognised internationally.

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