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Covid 19 - We are open for our patients & have measures in place to keep you and our team safe.

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If you have travel plans then taking steps to ensure you will not face difficulties with entry and exit due to any Coronavirus precautions in place needs to be right up there on your travel priority list.

Each individual country and their airlines have their own restrictions when it comes to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic. By taking a COVID-19 PCR Test you can ensure that you are virus-free and have evidence from a medical professional to prove that this is the case.

Not only will taking a PCR swab test give your peace of mind, but it will also help you overcome any potential travel restrictions which are constantly changing during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation.


What is a PCR swab test?

A PCR test is the most accurate way of testing for the presence of the Coronavirus in an individual. Features of the test include:

  • Can detect early and onset infection with the most accuracy
  • Directly detects the presence of the virus’ genetic material (RNA)
  • Taken via a nasopharyngeal (nose/throat) swab
  • Results usually available within 72 Hours

A PCR swab test would typically be taken when someone suspects they have Covid-19, or if they believe they have been recently exposed to it. The test can however detect Covid-19 even if you are displaying no symptoms so is particularly useful in the case of those looking to fly.

How will a PCR test be beneficial to those hoping to fly?A flight inevitably involves a large number of people in a confined area for a period of time - almost the perfect conditions for the spread of airborne virus. Some people may be asymptomatic carriers of the disease and therefore unaware that they actually have it before they travel.

Since some airlines are now insisting on a test for all passengers in order to reduce transmission during flights, getting this arranged before you travel can minimise the risk for all passengers and smooth your way through the travel process

How Ghosh Medical Group can help you with a flight certificate
We can make the task of getting you and your family tested and provide you with written evidence that you are virus-free. Visit us at our Liverpool or Wirral clinics and we will carry out your PCR tests and get your results processed as quickly as possible. 

We will make the whole process for you as easy as possible. In the comfortable surroundings of our clinic, we will carry out your PCR swab test. This should not be painful although you will feel some discomfort. We can help put all your family members at ease. Tests carried out at our clinic are sent to the lab the same day and results are normally processed within 72 hours.

We would suggest that you visit us for your PCR swab test around 5 days from your date of travel, although we would recommend that you check with your airline the timeframe for when the test needs to be done before the flight as these can vary from country to country. Since test results can take up to 72 hours,  we would need sufficient time to provide you with the certification that you may need for travel.


How will a Covid-19 travel certificate help?

Restrictions on international travel vary from country to country, with many requiring a medical certificate as proof of a negative test result for Covid-19. Being in possession of this can help air passengers in some instances gain entry to the country without needing to undergo a period of quarantine.


Even if you are travelling to a country that does not require any proof that you are Covid-19-free, taking a test can give you and your family extra peace of mind that you are safe to travel and are not a risk to other passengers.

FAQs about Covid-19 tests for air passengers

What does the PCR swab test involve?

PCR swab testing involves taking a sample from the nose and throat using a long swab. The procedure should not be painful but can be uncomfortable. The sample will be tested to show whether there is an active covid-19 infection.

How soon from my flight should I take my PCR swab test?

The period of time from your flight and when you should take your test will depend on your particular airline and their rules so check with them first. Test results can take up to 72 hours to come back from the lab, so you need to allow sufficient time for that and for any certification about your eligibility to fly to be prepared for you.

Can PCR swabs tests be carried out on children?

Taking swabs from children can be difficult because the procedure can be intrusive and requires them to sit still. For this reason we do not carry out Covid-19 swab test on children under the age of 5. We are used to dealing with children so are able to put them at ease during any procedure at our clinic.

How do I know if my destination requires me to undertake a Covid-19 test before flying?

The citation with Covid-19 is a rapidly changing one and the rules imposed by airlines and countries vary and can quickly change. We recommend that you ask your airline for specific advice and check the advice provided by the Foreign Office for your destination.

What should I do if I start to display covid-19 symptoms before travel?

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 then you should not travel. Some airlines carry out temperate and other checks on people before they travel so it is possible that you would be detected at this point. Airlines are within their rights to refuse to allow anyone to travel if they suspect they have symptoms such as a high temperature or a persistent new cough.

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