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Need a same day PCR private Coronavirus test?

If you suspect you might have covid-19 then getting a test is the most sensible and community-conscious thing to do. But getting access to a test isn’t always the most straightforward unless you opt for a private covid test. 

With many people experiencing difficulties getting access to a coronavirus test, or others sometimes being sent to testing centres many miles from where they live, the only way you can be guaranteed a quick private coronavirus test closer to home is to opt for testing services at a private clinic like Ghosh Medical Group.

Please note:

  • All Covid bookings must be before 5pm
  • We are not liable for any government changes affecting the appointments for Covid 19 tests after you purchase
  • We cannot issue a refund after a day 2 reference number has been sent or used


When do you need to take a coronavirus test?

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus then you should get a test. The main symptoms of coronavirus include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Most people with coronavirus will have at least one of these symptoms.

If you have the symptoms, you should get a test as soon as possible, but it should usually be done within the first 8 days of having the symptoms as this is when testing is most effective.

It may be that your employer or even your travel company may have asked you to get tested, even if you have no symptoms, and this is where a private coronavirus test can be ideal. If you suspect you may have had coronavirus previously, but this was never confirmed, then an antibody blood test will be ideal. This requires a simple finger prick test and, similar to a pregnancy test, will show you results in just minutes.

Want your private covid-19 test results quick?

Sometimes speed is of the essence, and you don’t want the uncertainty hanging over you for any longer than you have to. We can help you get a quick private coronavirus test that will provide you with your results speedily so that you can have peace of mind concerning your status with coronavirus. 

Depending on which of the tests you opt for, we can have your results for you in quick time. The results of a nose/throat swab can be with you within as little as 4 hours, blood test results will be returned within 24 hours, and the small finger prick test to see whether you have developed the antibodies, having previously had and recovered from the virus, will give you results in just 10 minutes.

Need corona testing as an individual or for the workplace?

We can carry out private covid tests for individuals or multiple groups of people, such as those in the workplace. We offer in-clinic, at-home or at-work appointments, all of which are carried out in the most secure way possible, so there is little or no risk to you.

Our comprehensive coronavirus testing service provides you with local access to reliable covid testing and rapid antibody testing, whether for you or your staff, all delivered at a location of your choosing. We promise the utmost discretion when it comes to our testing services regardless of where you choose to have your test.   

For businesses, our coronavirus testing services can support you during what is now considered the ‘new normal’. We can help you meet your obligation to your employees to protect their health and wellbeing. With rapid results available, this will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and your workplace remains Covid-safe.

If required, we can test your employees at regular intervals, or carry out private corona tests before they return to the workplace, to ensure they are free of coronavirus if they have previously been found to have had been infected. If you have employees who need to travel then we can assist with coronavirus testing and certification to smooth entry/exit into certain countries. 

How does the testing process work? 

Get in touch with us and book your appointment. You can visit us at our brand new Liverpool clinic on Rodney St. Alternatively, we can come out to you at your home, workplace, or another place of your choosing - whatever suits you best.

Samples will be collected by a Ghosh Medical CQC registered healthcare professional and then sent off to testers for thorough analysis. Once we have your results, we will provide you with a complimentary telemedicine appointment to discuss your results and advise on the next steps. We can provide you with any certification should you require it for returning to work or for other purposes such as travelling abroad where covid-19 flight certification might make your entry into certain countries smoother and more efficient.

What will happen at my appointment?

Why choose Ghosh Medical Group for your Covid testing? 

At Ghosh Medical Group we have a long history of screening and testing which is performed by senior medical clinicians. Our experience allows us to provide covid-19 testing to individuals and companies, meaning that we can get testing and results for you quickly.

Our testing can be as discreet as you wish, and provides you with an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have concerning Coronavirus, both in the workplace and elsewhere. In addition to private covid-19 testing, we can also provide you with advice and tailored solutions regarding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and workplace environment changes to ensure a Covid-secure environment.

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory tract infection caused by a newly emergent coronavirus – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – which was first recognised in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019. Genetic sequencing of the virus suggests that SARS-CoV-2 is a betacoronavirus closely linked to SARS coronavirus 1.

The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and has since spread globally, resulting in the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. Current measures are in place globally to reduce the spread of the virus, most commonly from droplets (person-to-person) but also from infected surfaces.

Flight Certificate

We also offer travel-safe flight certificate testing, which includes our same day* express test – RT-PCR test or PCR test in Liverpool. It is UKAS and CQC accredited and fully approved by ALL airlines.

What test do I need to travel?
Use our checker below, simply choose a destination you are traveling to:

On your return, please refer to the information on international travel about the country traffic light system.

Checker assumes travel is from an English airport. Rules vary for other nations of the United Kingdom. Data correct as of 12/05/2021 at 15:00.

If ever unsure, please refer to Official Guidance. There may be additional requirements, further to Covid Testing, to enter a country - ensure you are eligible to enter before travel.

Please note: Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided.

GOV.UK listed, UKAS accredited coronavirus test provider

The UK Government lists us as a private test provider; you can rest assured that our testing service and procedures are of the highest standard via our UKAS accreditation.

Our test certificates are recognised internationally.

PCR Testing

Need your results quick? We can offer express turnaround of COVID-19 PCR swab testing.

Pre Travel Testing

PCR test - Next Day


PCR - Same day (Before 12)


PCR - Same Day (After 12)


RT-PCR test (4 hr turnaround)



Post Travel Testing

Day 2 - Same Day (Before 12)


Day 2 or Day 8 - Next Day

*RT-PCR appointment needs to be before 4pm for same day results. ** Ghosh Medical Group are not liable for any flight losses and/or external reimbursements should results not be returned within the timescales provided. *** Please note, any Day 2 Covid-19 swab test during the festive period will not receive a code until the next open working day, from 25-28th of December 2021 – you will receive your code on the 29/12/21. 1st-4th January, you will recieve your code on 5/1/22.
Types of Tests
Swab Test (PCR)
Blood Test (antibody)
Instant IgM/IgG Test
Roche Antigen Test
Can detect early and onset infection with the most accuracy
Suitable to show past infection of COVID-19
Instant results of both IgM & IgG status.
Rapid test to detect if virus pathogens are present in the body.
How does it work?
Directly detects the presence of the virus’ genetic material (RNA)
The persistence of IgG antibodies allows identification of people who have been infected by COVID-19.
Operates in a similar way to a pregnancy test
Detects proteins which are only present in COVID-19
Sample Needed
Nasopharyngeal (nose/throat) swab
Blood Test
Small finger prick of blood
Nasal (nose) swab
Time to get results **
4-48 Hours **
24 hours **
15 minutes **
15-30 minutes **
When should you get it
This test is suitable for those with current symptoms / recent contact with COVID-19
Symptoms / contact with COVID -19 greater than 30 days ago
Symptoms / contact with COVID-19 between 3 & 30 Days
This test is suitable for those with current symptoms / recent contact with COVID-19
From £55

COVID-19 PCR Testing Online Booking

You can now book your test online via the following link:       Book Online

If you are looking for a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) flight test in Liverpool, follow the link. 

Should a convenient time not be available please contact a member of the team.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Covid-19 Testing Services


If in doubt about your coronavirus status, please continue to follow the government guidelines around isolation and social distancing.

Our team can be contacted on 0333 200 3338 for any further queries.

Download our guide to Coronavirus Testing Services

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