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Ghosh Medical is really excited and proud to deliver IV drips to our patients. We offer a wide variety of drips and can create bespoke drips and packages to suit any individual’s need.

Explore our selection of IV therapy:


Gluta Glow

For those looking to have brighter, clearer skin
- High dose Glutathione
- High dose Vitamin C


Classic Myers

The Myer’s cocktail is the original formulae created by John Myers MD physician from Baltimore.
- Vitamin C
- Calcium
- Magnesium

Mega C 

Our signature IV with a combination of essential vitamins and minerals. We offer increasing doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
- high dose vitamin C
- increasing doses available 

Please be aware to increase doses of Vitamin C we monitor your blood function as a safety protocol for this IV in particular. This can be an intensive treatment and is only commenced after consultation with our senior clinical team. 


Looking to improve energy levels; pick yourself up with this IV which contains just the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
- B vitamins
- Magnesium
- Calcium
- Thiamine
- Potassium


A great drip to relieve stress and promote calmness.

- Cartine
- Electrolytes
- Tyrosin
- Arginine
- Phenylalanine
- Taurine

IV Therapy Price List
Gluta Glow £350
Mega C IV Therapy - 7.5g £350
Mega C IV Therapy - 15g £375
Mega C IV Therapy - 25g £385
Mega C IV Therapy - 30g £400
Mega C IV Therapy - 50g £425
Mega C IV Therapy - 75g £450
Classic Myers £300
Kickstarter £350
Anti-Stress £350

Please note that the prices listed are correct as of Nov 2021 and are subject to change depending on global supplies. Package prices and doses can be altered at an additional fee and can be discussed with your health professional at the time of your treatment.

Each IV is bespokely made by our IV team just prior to your arrival to keep the ingredients from degrading. We therefore charge for your IV upfront, as late cancellations or no shows mean your IV will have to be destroyed and cannot be stored. We try at all times in our clinic not to use ready made IVs. This avoids the need for any solvents or additives, which in turn minimises the potential of any reactions.

A Nutritional Approach to IV Therapy
  • Our formulas

    Our formulas are unique to us and cannot be found anywhere else. We have strived to introduce this therapy here in the UK and set the standards for others to follow. It has taken extensive training from all over the world and working along side some of the pioneers in this therapy to get to this level. We do not compromise on patient safety and care.

    Dr Ghosh also holds a position on the AIMS Board (Association of Micro-nutritional Therapy Supplementation), to help regulate and educate others performing IVNT. Dr Ghosh is recognised as of the UK’s most highly trained and experienced doctors in this therapy.

  • Is Intravenous Therapy Safe?

    Our medical team have been highly trained to create & administer unique IV therapies. Our formulations have been developed from our experience working with doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and naturopaths so that we can safely administer high dose concentrations of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

    We will not put your body at risk with prescription medication that is not required and we also take a full medical history and consent prior to starting these therapies. We may request blood tests prior to commencing therapy or correspond with your doctor to be sure that all of our procedures will not put you at harm or at any risk.

    The IV therapies in our clinic can take between 40 minutes to 4 hours to administer, depending on the concentration of the drip and the patients desired outcomes. We provide some of the only trained medical professionals outside of the USA able to create and provide high dose vitamin concentrations of IV drips both safely and in fully equipped medical clinics.

    IV drips are not medical treatments and should not be used to replace any professional advice or treatment for symptoms, illness or known medical conditions. IV therapy is a general well being choice to supplement essential nutrients as part of healthy lifestyle.

  • How Effective Is An IV Drip?

    The ingredients used in our IV drips contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, all of which are classified as ‘Essential Nutrients’ as our own body cannot produce them on its own. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is difficult, leaving many people lacking in some essential nutrients.

    More than 1 in 3 people take daily oral supplements and most do not know that our natural digestion process can render up to 85% of a tablets active ingredients useless. With IV therapy, essential nutrients such as high dose vitamin C can be administered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system to achieve up to 100% absorption and at a much higher level of concentration.

    All of life with the exception of viruses are composed of cells. By the time illness, disease or tissue damage manifests, it is often too late for oral vitamins & minerals to make an effective change for the better. Intravenous or intra-muscular therapies provide the quickest route to provide the bodies cells with maximum nutrition to achieve optimal cell health.

    Our goal is to provide these nutrients at directly into your body for maximum cell absorption to immediately refuel your bodies cells and restore balance & overall well-being both physically and mentally.

  • What Are The Benefits?

    For many years professional athletes, sports stars and performers from Floyd Mayweather to Adele have used IV therapy to keep their bodies at optimal performance and help fight off illness and fatigue due to their hectic lifestyles.

    IV therapy is now available to you and in order to look and feel our best, we must take good care of our bodies from the inside out. 

    We also provide intra-muscular injections that can provide more convenient access to vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and also Vitamin D. These high dose vitamin boosters can be administered within 15 minutes at any of our clinics for those wanting a smaller but potent shot of nutrition supplementation.

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