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As more and more businesses return to their usual places of work, and large organised events begin to resume, it’s extremely important to keep your workforce and attendees safe, and act responsibly in-line with government guidance.


Although observing social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing good hygiene can reduce the spread of Covid-19, these measures alone are not enough to prevent outbreaks within the workplace or at events.


Covid-19 Testing for Businesses

As people can have Covid-19 (and pass it on to others) without having any symptoms at all, it’s important to get your workforce tested regularly. Our instant corporate Covid-19 testing gives your employees peace of mind, so they can return to a more collaborative, face-to-face working environment with confidence.

Why is Instant Covid-19 Testing Important for Businesses?
  • Allows employees to return to a collaborative and creative working environment.
  • Instant results provide immediate clarity on whether employees can return to work.
  • Identifies people who may have Covid-19 without any symptoms.
  • Social distancing, face coverings, and good hygiene practice alone are not enough to prevent workplace outbreaks.
  • Provides certainty and peace of mind with regards to safety.

Covid-19 Mass Testing for Organised Events

With government guidance constantly changing, it’s important to factor in the need for mass testing when conducting your Covid-19 risk assessment for organised events. Here at Ghosh Medical, we’re proud to provide mass testing services for organised events, helping you to facilitate a ‘No Test, No Entry’ policy to keep all attendees safe, if you wished to.

It’s important to note that all events must be in adherence with government guidance at that particular point in time.

Why is Instant Covid-19 Testing Important for Organised Events?
  • Allows attendees to enjoy the event without worrying about the risk of infection.
  • Identifies people who may have Covid-19 without any symptoms, preventing them from attending the event.
  • Social distancing, face coverings, and good hygiene practice alone are not enough to prevent outbreaks at organised events.
  • Helps with adherence to government guidelines and other health & safety measures.
Benefits of Covid-19 Testing for Businesses and Events
  1. 01 Non-invasive test.
  2. 02 Rapid testing for your whole workforce.
  3. 03 Mass testing available for large events.
  4. 04 Reduced likelihood of outbreaks at workplaces and events.
  5. 05 Employees can return to their usual place of work with peace of mind.
  6. 06 Event attendees can enjoy the occasion without having to worry.

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