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As new research comes to light showing that over six million people are currently waiting for treatment, with significant variation in wait times for the same speciality in hospitals across the country, Andrew Burgess and his team are trying to find a solution. 

The former Chief Executive Officer of NHS Warrington - beside a team of data and technology experts - has launched a new website and campaign to inform the public of their right to choose. Health Compare and it's 'Your Health Your Choice' campaign aims to put the power back in the hands of the people, allowing patients and GP's to quickly and accurately compare waiting times for specific treatments across the country. 

GPs often default to referring patients to local hospitals, but looking further afield for those who can and are willing to travel further can open up more possibilities, not just in terms of shorter waiting times, but also patient access to specialist clinics, treatments and consultants in other parts of the country.

Dr Arun Ghosh

A lack of public knowledge regarding providers and their option to travel further for quicker access to treatment was the driving force behind the campaign. Andrew and his team wanted to provide a way for people to compare health services in the way they might compare other services, like booking hotels or choosing a bank account. 

Consisting of an easy to use search and filter, the website allows you to compare everything from care quality rating to time to clear percentages and offers a genuine, practical, and accurate source for seeking the best, and quickest treatment for every kind of condition. 

Visit Health Compare today and find the right care for you.

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