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Everything You Need to Know About Blood Tests


If you’re just not feeling yourself lately, then there could be any number of things wrong. But what do you do when you don’t know why? Surely there must be an easier way than giving your doctor some generic symptoms, and hoping they can conjure up a solution from thin air? 

That’s where blood tests come in. A blood test can tell you all sorts of things, from your blood glucose to your hormonal health, and either reassure you that you’re just a bit under the weather, or give you some much clearer direction on how to get back to feeling your best.

We spoke to Dr Ghosh about all things blood tests to get his expert advice on when you might need them, what you might be testing for and what to do with your results once you get them. 


5 Signs You Might Need a Blood Test


You’re Showing Signs of Being Unwell

The first and most common sign that you may need a blood test is if you’re showing persistent symptoms and you aren’t yourself. 

Dr Ghosh recommends booking in for a blood test if you’re more fatigued than normal, overly emotional or hormonal, or you’re suffering with achey and painful joints. A blood test will be able to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong more accurately than a standard GP consultation. 

Part of a Routine Check for Your Medication 

If you’re on medication for anything heart related, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, then a blood test is a necessity to monitor your health and ensure there are no complications. 

Regular blood testing will help your doctor track your progress and make sure your medication doses are right for you. 

Part of an Annual Medical Screening

You’ll take your car for an MOT every year, to do a general checkup and make sure everything is in good working order, but most people will never do the same for their body!

Dr Ghosh is a firm believer that everyone should be going for an annual health checkup to make sure you know exactly what’s going on in your body, which is why he created the Ghosh Medical Group Well Person checkup. 

Both our standard and executive Well Person screenings include blood tests so you can be reassured that your body is in top condition. 

Prior to Starting Treatments 

Sometimes, a blood test is a must before starting a treatment. If you’re having a surgery, or an IV vitamin infusion drip, it’s hugely beneficial for the doctors to see your blood type, iron levels, and infection risk.

Dr Ghosh would always recommend taking a routine blood test before having any major treatment to make sure you can build an accurate picture of the risks of undergoing the procedure.

Detect Any Future Risks to Your Health

With the technological advances in modern medicine, blood tests can now tell you more than ever. If someone in your family has had a serious long term illness, such as cancer, you may want to take a blood test to check if you’re genetically predisposed to such conditions.

You’ll be in a better position to then take preventative measures, and then you reduce your risk of being affected. 


The 7 Best Blood Tests You Can Take 


Well Person Screening - Advanced GP3

This is the one stop shop for all your blood tests. The Advanced GP3 comes either on its own, or as part of our well person screening, and can test for everything you may want to know. We can test for hormone health, heart health, infection and inflammation, alongside standard tests such as blood count, iron status and nutritional health 

If you’re after a full health screening, then the Advanced GP3 is the best blood test that we offer to give you a comprehensive view of everything going on in your body to make sure you’re in your best shape.

Standard Screen

The Standard Screen is our basic, go to blood test. If you come to your doctor saying you feel down, or something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, this is likely what we’ll choose. 

The Standard Screen blood test includes the basics, like heart health, full blood count and diabetes health, plus a urinalysis to ensure we’ve checked your glucose, vitamin D, and your red blood cells, amongst other things. 

If you’re not quite feeling right, or you just want a bit of general reassurance that everything is alright, then our Standard Screen blood test is a great place to start.


Hormones can be a complicated thing, and they’re big drivers of your mood. If something feels off, it could be your hormones. That’s where our endocrinology and endocrinology plus blood tests come in.

Both screenings will check your hormonal and thyroid health, with the endocrinology plus blood test also checking your insulin, cortisol and female reproductive health. 

STI 10 Plex

You may want a blood test because you’re worried you have caught an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Our STI 10 Plex blood test can test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis along with much more. 

This is the perfect blood test if you’re wanting to put your mind at ease or get confirmation of the causes of any problems you may be having so that you can start a treatment sooner rather than later. 

Thyroid Health

Issues with your thyroid can cause major problems such as weight gain, tiredness and a low mood. Our thyroid blood test will check your thyroid stimulating hormone, along with other things, to make sure your thyroid is functioning properly. 

If you’re pretty certain that your thyroid is a problem, or a medical professional has recommended this blood test, then it’s a fantastic, cheaper option than other tests. If you want a more general screening, then our Advanced GP3 or Standard Screen might be a better fit. 

Anaemia Profile 

The anaemia profile is a great blood test for anyone suffering with fatigue, or persistent low mood. This blood test will check your iron status, inflammation and nutritional health, alongside your full blood count. 

If you are worried that you may be anaemic, consulting with your GP as well as taking this blood test will help you and your GP tailor the best possible solution to get your health back on track. 

Sports Performance 

Maybe you aren’t worried about illness, and you just want to monitor your blood to optimise your athletic performance  and prevent injury or overtraining. If that’s the case then this blood test is for you. 

Our sports performance blood test provides a full blood count, alongside heart health, nutritional health and sex specific hormone health, plus 10 other tests to give you all the data you’ll need to take your athletic ambitions to the next level.

Tired All The Time

The tired all the time blood test is designed to address common causes of fatigue, including nutritional deficiencies and thyroid function. Your nutritional and thyroid health will be measured, alongside your full blood count, to determine the potential causes of fatigue.

This is an excellent blood test for those with regular low energy, however if you’re worried about hormonal problems being the cause of your fatigue, you may be better with an endocrinology test. 


What To Do With Your Blood Test Results 


Your blood test results can tell you what’s wrong, but they can’t tell you how to fix it. Your next port of call is to book a follow up consultation with your GP, so that they can discuss the results with you and plan your next steps. 

Your GP could suggest something simple, like small lifestyle changes, or they could prescribe medication depending on your circumstances. Either way, the best course of action is to follow up your blood test results is to consult with a medical professional to ensure you get the best advice possible. 


There We Have It, Blood Tests 101


Now you know when you might need a blood test, and what sort of test you should ask your doctor for. At Ghosh Medical Group, we can offer thousands of blood tests, so if you know what vitamins or functions you want testing for, don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 200 3338 and our staff will be happy to guide you in the right direction.