Winter Flu Vaccination

Get The Facts & Get Protected This Winter

Be pro-active about your health and reduce your risk of catching flu and becoming ill against Seasonal and Winter flu outbreaks, especially with the cold British weather and Winter season.


Did You Know:

It is easy to catch flu - only 80% of people carrying the influenza virus show symptoms, but they can still pass it on to you and your family.

72% of people carrying the flu virus go to work feeling sick - not only are they likely to be less efficient, but also risk infecting other healthy staff.

Last year, there were over 25 million working days lost in the UK due to flu, costing businesses nationwide approximately £1.1 billion.

By protecting yourself against flu, you can help protect your family and those more vulnerable to complications like your children or elderly relatives.

The vaccine lasts for one year and helps you reduce your chances of catching flu and spreading the virus.


For Businesses:

For a business, the flu vaccination is a simple and effective method of protecting the health and productivity of your staff and minimising the risk of sickness absence and absenteeism due to flu symptoms.

Dont miss out on the seasonal festivities and the must attend social event. Avoid the stress associated with being unwell and any disruptions to your professional career.


Booking Appointment & Costs

A convenient 15 minute appointment with a private doctor and flu vaccination costs just £50. You do not need a referral to book a private flu vaccination. Appointments are available at our clinics across Liverpool and Chester.

Please call our booking team on 0151 651 2406 to book your appointment or ask about how we can help you with a private flu vaccinations.

Stay ahead of the rush for flu vaccines this Winter!



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