Weight Loss

Weight Management & Medical Weight Loss Achievement.
Dr Arun Ghosh specialises in weight loss achievement.


Weight loss treatment can be divided into three main areas

Those in whom the weight loss is best done by surgery; gastric banding or gastric bypass.

Those in need of medical management of their weight loss, by medication and the management of complications, for example diabetes and osteoarthritis. Finally those who wish to loose weight for non medical reasons, such as cosmetic or social reasons.

Dr Arun Ghosh mainly deals with the last two ways of weight management though can recommend clinics who deal with the surgical aspects.  Many will need the follow up and the maintenance programme that we have for fronted here at Liverpool Health Focus also.

The programme includes education into weight loss and food given by our medical team including nutritionists and dietitians. Monitoring of exercise levels and specific exercise programmes worked out for each individual case by trained physiotherapists. Motivational monitoring by your own lifestyle coach and regular follow up to help keep you motivated throughout the programme and beyond.


Would you like to have a consultation on your Weight Management or surgical options?

For more information about our Weight Loss Consultations, please contact our local clinics in Liverpool and Wirral and ask for an appointment with Dr Arun Ghosh:

Call Spire Liverpool Hospital on 0151 733 7123

Call Spire Wirral Hoispital on 0151 929 5408



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