The Jeremy Kyle Show

Dr Arun Ghosh is the resident GP for ITV's The Jeremy Kyle Show. Here are a few of his appearances:

 Dr Arun Ghosh describes the devastating effects heroin use has had on a woman's body.


Dr Arun Ghosh shows us one of the worst and most serious cases of heroin addiction he's ever seen.


Dr Arun Ghosh examines a chronic heroin user and finds horrendous results. 


Dr Arun Ghosh explains the damage done by taking legal highs. 


A man addicted to legal highs gets a wake up call from Dr. Arun Ghosh.


A mother asks Jeremy and Dr Arun Ghosh for help to cure her daughter's addiction.


Dr. Arun Ghosh explains the effects drugs are having on a guest's body.


Dr Arun Ghosh explains the effects of obesity on the body.

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