Botox For Men

BOTOX® isnt just for women. The fastest growing market in non-surgical aesthetics is now mens treatments, and 'Brotox' in Merseyside and across the North West is on the rise.

Patient Case Study

Patient Name: Tim - North Liverpool
Treatment Name: BOTOX®
Treatment Date: April 2015

Here we meet Tim, our early thirties husband, father of 1 and Company Manager. Tim came to Susan Ghosh Aesthetics looking for some facial refreshment. Having recently had a child, he discussed improving his tired, warn and stressed look. Our initial treatment plan was drawn up to address these key facial issues.

  • Removing forehead creases
  • Reducing frown lines

What Did The Patient Say:

"Susan was great, I was suprised how straightforward the process was. I wanted a discreet appointment and Susan made me feel really comfortable. I was in and out the clinic within an hour and was suprised to know I could return straight back to my normal routine without any tell tale signs of treatment.

Im amazed with the results too which continued to develop over the first 2 weeks after treatment. Not only did I look more youthful, but I was also getting relief from tension headaches too."

Tim, 31 - Liverpool, Merseyside

July 2015:

Were pleased to see Tim has returned to the clinic and during this treatment session, we are continuing with Tim's annual treatment plan agreed during his initial consultation. Tim has also asked to address some new concerns with Susan Ghosh, Nurse Practitioner.

  • Continue to reduce forehead creases & frown lines
  • Reducing crows feet (aside his eyes)
  • Pain relief for temporomandibular disorder (jaw pains)

What Did The Patient Say:

"The injections of Botox to my jaw was suprisingly pain free and im already seeing many benefits as my jaw muscles are now relaxing and dont feel as tight. Eating was much easier and so to was yawning, something that always brings on pain in my jaw". 

Tim, 31 - Liverpool, Merseyside


  • Free Consultation
  • Questions
  • Clinic Locations

Your consultation is completely confidential and free of charge. Our experienced aesthetic practitioner will discuss your expectations and concerns, and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

We will then develop an achievable and agreed treatment plan that meets both your desired goals and budget.

We will often ask you to arrange your treatment after your consultation has taken place to allow you time to consider your options and if you wish to ask for more information.

The vast majority of our procedures are completed in our clinic within 30 minutes and you can often return straight back to your normal routine.

Full Aftercare Provided.

Q: Are you members of the "Treatment You Can Trust Scheme?"

We are not a member of the voluntary 'Treatments You Can Trust' Scheme. Our practices are not registered with the 'Treatments You Can Trust' voluntary scheme because we are already registered with and regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council(NMC) the government's own regulator of Doctors and Nurses in England, as well as being part of the Spire Health Care Hospitals Group stringent clinic protocols and criteria.

We are regulated in the same way as GP surgeries, hospitals and other independent healthcare providers which means our standards imposed for registrations are far more rigorous than the voluntary IHAS scheme has set out for clinics to meet.

We do welcome the IHAS voluntary scheme in a currently unregulated cosmetic injectable market as we believe the industry needs proper regulation to safeguard patient safety from 'cowboy' providers who can still operate outside any voluntary scheme. In the aftermath of the PIP breast implant scandal, we believe that all cosmetic procedures should be regulated.

Susan Ghosh Aesthetics is available for treatments in clinics across Merseyside, Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire.

Is it time for you to plan your next treatment with Susan Ghosh? With our range of non-surigcal aesthetic treatments, you can regain your sparkle in time for your holiday, party, or festivities you may have planned with friends and family.

Patients can book appointments at any of our clinics and most locations will have scheduled dates so you can plan your treatments in advance at your local clinic and avoid any delays and dissappointment!

Home Visit Availability:

During the Autumn and Winter seasonse, we are normally busier and there will be limited availability for home visits. We apologise if your bookings are normally done this way but ask that find your local clinic so that we can ensure you get your appointment when required. Regular clinics are held at our clinics for your convenience.

Appointment Bookings & Enquiries:

Click on your local clinic above and contact directly for availability and the next clinic date to be held by Susan Ghosh.

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