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Forget about wasting an entire day recovering from feeling under the weather.  IV Therapy treatments are fast, efficient and the beneficial effects begin to kick in during your treatment and fully develop over the next few hours.  Get back to life and feel your best.

Whether it was being out late last night, a long day at work, a cross country flight, too much exercise or out in the sun all day, life activities can drain your hydration and energy levels pretty quickly.

The IV Clinic - Treatments We Offer:

Drips For Body Aesthetics (Image)

The Glow Getter - £199


Diet & Detox - £250


Age Defiance - £299


Drips For Body Fitness









Drips For Body Wellness



THE CALM - £250


THE MEGA 'C' - £299


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  • Bespoke Formulations:

The ingredients we use in The IV drips and injections contain an infusion of vitamins, minerals and water, all of which are classified as 'Essential Nutrients' and are in essence, essential for life as our own bodies cannot produce them on its own.

Traditionnaly nutrients are obtained from the food we eat in our daily diet, but we all know that maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can be difficult and that modern food is in most cases modified and overprocessed, leaving many people lacking in these essential nutrients.

By replacing or topping up our levels of essential nutrients through an IV infusion, and under care of our professional trained staff, you can refuel your body, replenish lost hydration and restore balance & well-being both plysically and mentally.

Home Visits & Weekends

We can provide some available during the evening and at weekends to arrange home visits. This should be arranged with prior notice should you need this service.

Home visits are strictly by request and diary permitting as we can not guarantee GP availability.  

For Insurance Providers

We are also happy to work with brokers or insurance providers to provide a home visit or clinic appointment for their members. We can supply a follow up report when required. Payment is taken by invoice.

Are IV drips and IM booster injections more effective than oral vitamin supplements? 

More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements and whilst we know they are of benefit to our daily diet, most people do not know that the bodies natural digestion process can render up to 85% of a vitamin tablet useless. Therefore, it is possible that only around 15% of the active ingredients may actually be absorbed into the bloodstream.

With IV and IM infusions under The IV clinic, we can administer these essential nutrients into the bloodstream both directly and immediately. And with a much higher concentration of nutrients, the body can better absorb and use these.

The IV clinic and our menu of formulations are not medical treatments and should not be used to replace any treatment or primary care for any symptoms, illness or known medical conditions. The IV is a general wellbeing choice to supplement essential nutrients as part of healthy lifestyle.

We understand that every person is unique and we each have our own unique nutrient requirements. Therefore it is important that we are able to create the right formulation of these essential nutrients to meet with your specific body needs. 

There are many different options for IV drips or IM booster injections depending on your individual goals. When our standard menu can not help, we can advise you on booking a consultation with our in-house team. 

After a full consultation and medical history with our practitioner, a bespoke formulation can be prepared and made specifically for you. Please note that a bespoke formulation may not always be possible to administer at the same appointment as your consultation.


The consultation process may involve prior review of medical records, investigations including blood testing or scanning before a bespoke IV service can be established or tailored to your requirements.

Please note that IV infusion or booster injections are not a medical treatment and should not replace any primary care service or treatment.

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"After trying to lose weight for ten years on different diets, I found I could never satisfy my hunger. I tried a slimming aid injection at The IV Clinic, which completely changed my attitude towards dieting, I lost pounds and felt full of energy."

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