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Cervical Smear

We provide a private & discreet Cervical Screening, Smear Tests and HPV Vaccinations for women of all ages.

Are you worried about cervical cancer and want to identify any possible problems early or get total peace of mind?  We are able to support female patient of any age and without any referral from your doctor.  You can book your cervical screen with a simple phone call.

A cervical screening test, or smear test (the Papanicolaou test is known as a Pap smear, Pap test, cervical smear, or smear test), is a method of detecting abnormal (potentially pre-cancerous) cells and cancerous processes in the cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. Combined with cervical screening, the HPV vaccination is also an important step towards preventing cervical cancer.


What Does A Cervical Smear Test Involve?

A small amount of discomfort could be lifesaving, a private appointment for a cervical smear test takes just 30 minutes.  We process and return your results within 4 working days and can make available your results via email or text message, over the phone or be sent in the post.

Having a regular screen means that any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix can be identified at an early stage and, if necessary, treated to stop cancer developing.

It is estimated that early detection and treatment can prevent up to 75% of cervical cancers.

Cost of Appointment & Smear Test just £150.00

Clinic Locations

Appointments are available with Private GP Dr Arun Ghosh, a specialist in sexual health, obstetrics and gynaecology.  These can be booked at our Liverpool or Wirral clinics:

  • Spire Liverpool Hospital in Mossley Hill
  • BMI Sefton Hospital - Kenilworth Road Clinic
  • Spire Formby Clinic
  • Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Thingwall

HPV Vaccinations

If you are worried about cervical cancer, in addition to cervical screening and regular smear tests, we can also provide the new Gardasil and Cervarix HPV vaccinations against cervical cancer and genital warts.

View HPV Vaccinations

Booking Your Appointment

You can book a cervical smear test quickly and conveniently for total peace of mind. Always ask for your appointment with private GP Dr Arun Ghosh.

Please Call our central booking line on 0151 651 2406 or  call the outpatient booking team at our Spire Clinics:

Liverpool & Formby Clinic - 0151 522 1826
Wirral Clinic - 0151 929 5181

  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Different Types of HPV
  • FAQ

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is the name given to a family of viruses that affect the skin and the moist membranes (mucosa) that line the body. Mucosa are found in the Mouth, Throat, Cervix (the neck of the womb) and Anus.

There are many different types of HPV virus that affect the genital area. These are classed as high-risk and low-risk depending on the type of conditions that they can cause.

Infection with some high-risk types of HPV can cause abnormal tissue growth as well as other cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer. Infection with other types of HPV may cause:

Genital Warts - Small growths or skin changes on or around the genital or anal area. These are the most common viral sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK

Skin warts and verrucas

Vaginal cancer or vulval cancer (although these types of cancer are rare)

Anal cancer or cancer of the penis

Some cancers of the head and neck

Laryngeal Papillomas (warts on the voice box or vocal cords)

Some types of HPV are transmitted through sexual contact, which can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.

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