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Dont delay, give yourself the gift of private heath care and total peace of mind about your health by registering as a private patient with Dr Arun Ghosh.

Patients can pay via:

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Registration is simple, just complete our downloadable form and select the Medical Cover package for how you would like to register i.e. as an individual, as a couple, or as a family. 

You can post the form back to us, bring the form to your next appointment, or you can complete it and scan the form and send us an electronic copy by email to our business manager on

Once received, you can enjoy the benefits of your medical cover package right away.

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Registration As Private GP Patients For Families

Do you really have a Family Doctor?

Can you name the last doctor you saw?

Can you access a GP when you want?

When you do see a doctor is it the person you want to see?


If you are answering “NO” to these questions you may want to consider a private general practitioner.  As a registered patient at our private health service you have direct access to your named GP and are able to get advice or appointments at a time that suits you and your family.  Especially is you wish that time outside of work or children's school times.

Registration As Private GP Patients For Individuals

Do you feel dismayed with your current GP?

Unable to find any adequate help on the NHS for your condition?

Wishing to have a health check to reassure your mind?

Worried you may have a particular condition and would like your mind put at rest?

If you are answering “YES” to any of these questions then did you know a private general practice team can help with all these issues?

We can give private tests for individual conditions or a full MOT health check to let you know what stage your health is in and to forewarn about any potential risks in the future. Giving you complete piece of mind or the motivation to change your lifestyle before it effects your quality of life. Unsure what scan, test or investigation to have, we don’t want to see individuals wasting their money and as a private GP, we will often point you in the best (not the most expensive) way to get the answers you need.

Private GP and Health Care For Companies

Worried over recent health outbreaks and how that may affect your business?

Do you have adequate health strategies or cover in place in case of medical emergencies?

Do you need occasional or full time occupational health cover?

Would you like to provide your employees fast accessible GP cover allowing your business the minimal of disruption?

As a private health service we can come to your place of work, provide a wide range of services from private vaccinations and immunisations, work and overseas medicals and advise on current health polices and management plans. We can even organise dental cover for your company or private counsellors. Private health care for your business not only gives your company piece of mind but it will also show your employees you take their health and well being as a priority.

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