Private GP Prices

Prices for Private GP Services by Dr Arun Ghosh:

General appointments are available as 30 minutes or 45 minutes. A 15 minute appointment can be available for specific services as described e.g. vaccinations or a repeat prescription. A 30 minute appointment is recommended for a general check up, minor illnesses, coughs & colds, prescriptions and all consultations, complex or multiple illness needs.  An extended appointment for 45 minutes is suitable for all in-depth consultations such as a medical second opinion, investigations, health screening, full examinations or major heath worries or chronic illnesses.

As part of your appointment, our private GP may suggest and arrange investigations including blood tests, imaging and x-rays, make a referral to an onsite or external hospital specialist or consultant or write a private prescription. These services are an additional charge.

Private GP Appointments:

15 Minute Appointment - £80
30 Minute Appointment - £140
45 Minute Appointment - £180
Private Prescription - From £35
Private Referral Letter - £35
Private Sick Note - £35 (+ special rate appointment cost of £80) 
Home Visits - Please Enquire

Health Screening:

Full Physical Examination - From £180
Annual Health Check - From £200
Executive Health Screen - From £350
Well Woman Screen - From £750
Well Man Screen - From £750

Sexual Health Screening:

Peace of Mind Screen - £160
Full STD Screen - £280
HIV 90 Day Test - £120
HIV 28 Day Test - £120
HIV 10 Day Test - £200
Cervical Smear Test - £150 
Gardasil HPV Vaccination - £475 (course of 3x injections)
Cervarix HPV Vaccination - Please Enquire
Herpes Test - £130

Vaccinations & Immunisations: (Per Dose)

Chickenpox - £110 - Cousrse of 2x
Vitamin D Injection - £85
Vitamin B12 Injection - £85
Winter Flu Vaccination - £50
Kenalog Hay Fever Injection - £100
Shingles Vaccination - £220
Bexsero® Meningococcal B vaccine - £155 - Course of 2-4
Yellow Fever Vaccination - £125

Full list of private vaccinations also available here

Medicals & Examinations:

Employment Occupational Health Assessment & Report - £300
Aircrew and Aviation Medicals - £450
Boxing (standard) - £200
Boxing (standard + bloods) - £270
Adoption Medical - From £200
HGV & LGV Licence - £140
Fork Lift Truck Licence - £140
Taxi Licence - £140
Foster Care Application - £180
Road Traffic Accident GP Report - £175
Travel Insurance Claim Form - From £180
Fit To Travel Certificate - £175

Ear Syringing - £80

Working Abroad:

China Medical / VISA Examination - From £
Saudi Arabia Medical / VISA Examination - From £
Kuwait Medical / VISA Examination - From £
Canada Medical / VISA Examination - From £

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Office Opening Hours: 

Monday - 9am to 5pm

Tuesday - 9am to 5pm

Wednesday - 9am to 5pm

Thursday - 9am to 5pm

Friday - 9am to 5pm


Private GP Service (clinic times)

Office opening hours above may vary from our GP clinics availability. Dr Ghosh is based at a number of clinics and may not be available everyday at each clinic.


Dr Arun Ghosh and Ghosh Medical Limited is NOT an emergency service and if you need urgent medical care, you should refer to the NHS primary care services including your local Walk In Centre, GP Call Out or Accident & Emergency department at your local hospital.

Home Visits & Weekends

We can provide some available during the evening and at weekends to arrange home visits. This should be arranged with prior notice should you need this service.

Home visits are strictly by request and diary permitting as we can not guarantee GP availability.  

For Insurance Providers

We are also happy to work with brokers or insurance providers to provide a home visit or clinic appointment for their members. We can supply a follow up report when required. Payment is taken by invoice.


General appointments are available from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. A 15 minute appointment is suitable for e.g. minor illnesses, coughs & colds and private prescriptions.

A 30 minute appointment is recommended for complex or multiple illness needs.

An extended appointment for 45 minutes is suitable for all consultations such as a medical second opinions, investigations, major worries or chronic illnesses.

You do not have to be a registered patient to access private general practice with Dr Arun Ghosh. You can book a one-off private gp appointment as often as you like at any of our private clinics or register to become a full time registered patient.

There is NO need to de-register from your NHS GP

The service is complementary to that provided by NHS practitioners; a lot of people use a private GP to reduce waiting times for scans or to see a specialist - many of the hospital specialists are on site at our clinics at Spire Liverpool Hospital or Spire Murrayfield Hospital and accessible to Dr Arun Ghosh direct.

We often work with your current NHS GP and share information to help get a complete picture of your health – so in the future there is no problem going back to the NHS. Our private general practice and private health services are designed to help you and your family get to the root of any health problems as quickly as possible and to help you find solutions suitable for you.

We actually save our patients time and expense by avoiding unnecessary investigations. Often we see patients who wish to have unnecessary procedures, tests or imaging to help them ease their minds or find cause. Talking to Dr Arun Ghosh often finds a more cost effective and quicker solution which can ease your mind and solve your health problems.


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