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Aviation & Aircrew Medicals in Liverpool, Wirral and North West

Private GP Dr Arun Ghosh has been completing aircrew medicals for over 5 years.  It is often seen that individuals in the aerospace and aviation industry need to go to a number of different places in order to obtain all the necessary medical requirements at costly expense.

Dr Arun Ghosh has designed an aircrew medical package which incorporates all the requirements you need, and is available in one place and can be completed in one visit.

We supply a one stop shop for Aviation and Airline Crew medicals for just £450.00.

Your Aircrew Medical Includes Tests & Checks: 

  •  Blood tests including HIV, VDRL, Hepatitis and Haemoglobin
  •  Chest X-ray
  •  Full Examination
  •  Medical History
  •  Hearing test
  •  Visual field testing

Additional smears can be done if needed from £150.

Additional blood and examinations can also be added to your medical, prices available on enquiry.

Original certificates are provided to take away with you and electronic copies can be given to take in case your original is lost.  All results returned in 7 days.

How To Book Your Medical

To book your medical with Dr Arun Ghosh or to find out more information about our aircrew medical examination and certification service, please contact our local clinics: Private GP Liverpool: 0151 733 7123 or Private GP Wirral: 0151 929 5408.

Or email

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Company & Workplace Health Check Programmes

We offer companies a private health screening service within their offices to help reduce sickness absence in the workplace and undertakes company health checks including pre-employment medicals and reports. The company health check is both practical and motivational, reassuring managers and employees at all levels that their well-being is valued and is monitored on a regular basis.

Company Doctor Service

We can also offer your company a formal private doctor service, with a package of benefits that can be shared amongst employees such as inclusive appointments at private GP clinics, access to telephone consultations with a private doctor, or regular doctor visits onsite where employees can speak with the doctor or receive check ups etc.

NEW: Workplace ECG Heart Check

A workplace health check will offer you and and employees the peace of mind you need with instant results from a Cardiologist.

Appointments are short and convenient in the comfort of your workplace or office.

Are you worried about how a hectic lifestyle is affecting your health?

Our executive health check focuses upon five key checks to suit the busy professional or those with an executive lifestyle. The checks are designed to give you total peace of mind about your health, the assurance you need or confirmation of any health problems.

Prices start from only £250, can you afford to ignore your health?

For more information, see our Executive Health Check page.

What are the 5 key parts?

1. Resting ECG Test (Heart Trace)

2. Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Tests)

3. Blood Tests (Bloods)

4. Urine Test (Urinalysis)

5. Doctor Consultation & Examination

There is NO need to de-register from your NHS GP

The service is complementary to that provided by NHS practitioners; a lot of people use a private GP to reduce waiting times for scans or to see a specialist - many of the hospital specialists are on site at our clinics at Spire Liverpool Hospital or Spire Murrayfield Hospital and accessible to Dr Arun Ghosh direct.

We often work with your current NHS GP and share information to help get a complete picture of your health – so in the future there is no problem going back to the NHS. Our private general practice and private health services are designed to help you and your family get to the root of any health problems as quickly as possible and to help you find solutions suitable for you.

We actually save our patients time and expense by avoiding unnecessary investigations. Often we see patients who wish to have unnecessary procedures, tests or imaging to help them ease their minds or find cause. Talking to Dr Arun Ghosh often finds a more cost effective and quicker solution which can ease your mind and solve your health problems.


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