Baby Travel Box

Travelling with Infants

Travel Advise for Babies, Infants & Children


Pre prepared - take a travel kit!
  • Paracetamol
  • SPF 50 / Sun Block
  • Bite Relief
  • Antihistamine
  • Plasters
  • Thermometer
  • Travel Medical Card - inc. names of medication they are on or medical conditions - remember to translate it into language of the country you are visiting.
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) 
Always take:
  • Small Fan
  • Soft clothing in layers - inc Hat and Sunglassess
  • Water / Babys feed /formula - incase of delays
  • Wipes
During Flight
Protect infant ears - more delicate and can be effected by the air pressure.
Feed when taking off or landing - older children can suck on a sweet or lolly this
If sniffling/teething take decongestants or nasal spray
Ear plugs can help if child is scared on plane due to noise and helps with pressure.
Key Summary
Choose your destination well. Child friendly airports and airlines with better changing facilities that are not overcrowded will make things like breastfeeding easier, especially if you have more room or can go to an area quieter or more private on the plane.
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The Essential Starter Kit for your Baby & Toddler

Having a sick baby or toddler is challenging for the best of parents. With a little help from The Baby SafeBox, you can prevent some sickness and treat many common illnesses at home. These essential remedies can help you when you least expect symptoms to occur whether morning, noon or night as your baby grows.


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A Caring Gift

This is the perfect gift & present for expectant parents whether a mother-to-be yourself or for a baby shower or congratulations gift.  All new parents consider their nursery, buying cute clothes and finding innovative bottles, but many forget to prepare for illness that can strike from birth without any notice.

Impress with this thoughtful gift to help mum and dad for moments of sickness they may not have prepared for.

Do you wish to help prevent a holiday from being unnecessarily stressful?

Travelling with your baby, toddler or an infant is not as stressful as you may think – if you are prepared and choose the right destination, it is often a great family time to spend with your little one without the distraction of home life, visitors or work pressures!

With a Travel SafeBox to hand, you can quickly help to settle many well known discomforts and take care of common illnesses in case they ocurr when you least expect them.

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The Baby SafeBox = £32.99

The Travel SafeBox = £38.99

The Pregnancy SafeBox = £45.99

All purchases of the SafeBox include postage via Royal Mail recorded parcel delivery. We aim to dispatch a SafeBoxes within 2-3 days of order with delivery completed within 7 days of the order. Where possible we endear to meet the special requests of customers when required.

MyBump and the series of SafeBoxes is an environmentally friendly brand and where ever possible, recycles packaging and boxes.

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