Tonight: Food Facts and Fiction - Part 4: The Great British Diet

In a fascinating and revealing experiment, nutritionist Amanda Hamilton ditches her healthy, whole-food, vegetable-rich diet and lives for one week on the Average British Diet. In Britain, on average, we consume more salt fat, saturated fat and sugar than the maximum daily allowance recommended by the government. And we eat less fibre than we should.

So what impact will just one week of this “Great British Diet” have on how Amanda looks, functions and feels?

It’s the end of the week for Amanda on the Great British Diet and this week she’s been eating what the average Brit eats: an awful lot of what she calls “beige food” – cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes. She’s also tried bacon for the first time and chowed down on sweets, ready meals and a greasy takeaway, often washed down with sugary drinks. She’s been severely missing the fruit and veg that she’s used to.

So it’s time for Dr Ghosh to repeat the medical tests. She thinks the diet has affected her mental wellbeing: she’s feeling low and irritable. But has it affected her physically?

The test results are shocking.

You can view them here: