The IV Wins Liverpool Lifestyle 2016 Award

The IV has been recognised with a top award for its launch marketing by the award winning Lifestyle magazine Liverpool. The magazine which is designed to support independants and local businesses is the biggest magazine in Merseyside.

Liverpool Lifestyle Awards recognised The IV from a public vote taking place over a 3 month period in 2016. Customers rated The IV as their favourite campaign under the famous face of celebrity GP Dr Arun Ghosh.

The IV team were honored to receive the award and Tim Morgan, Clinic Manager for The IV said: "To receive such positive feedback from the community is great, we hope The IV will be established in the city as a top resource for patients who need an alternative to oral based remedies or medicines. 

The IV is a clinic offering intraveneous treatments such as multivitamin infusions and drips to help reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, aches and pains and boost day to day energy levels to help patients feel the best they can.