Sex After Giving Birth: How A Caesarean Could Ruin Your Sex Life

Huge numbers of Brazilian women are having c-sections to safeguard their sex lives. Except it could be having just the opposite effect. Daisy Buchanan and Dr Arun Ghosh explore why new mums feel so confused and ill-informed about sexual health post-childbirth.

GP Dr Arun Ghosh, told The Telegraph: “There’s definitely an element of the ‘too posh to push’ factor coming through. People see it as a bit of a ‘designer’ choice. 

He adds “Caesarean sections can actually make vaginal intercourse more painful. There’s a greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus, and you’re much more vulnerable to infection. 

“There’s also the hormone issue to consider. With a vaginal birth, your body gets to release all the hormones that have been built up over the course of the pregnancy. Dramatic hormone changes can cause anorgasmia, which means that you can’t orgasm regardless of what’s happening in the vaginal area. There’s a greater chance of this happening following a c-section as your hormonal balance isn’t naturally restored.”

Dr Ghosh points out that, when possible, a vaginal birth is generally best for the baby, too. According to him, babies are more likely to have breathing difficulties if they come out before they’re ready.