Dr Ghosh Contributes to Success on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Monday 22 July 2013: Jeremy Kyle did good tough-talking in today's 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'. He made cocaine addict Adam face up to his 15 year addiction, and then tried to talk sense into two stubborn dads doing DNA tests.

Donna was giving Adam one last chance to quit cocaine. She had given him many second chances in their five year relationship; she had even forgiven him for hooking her son Shane on the drug. But he needed more help, so Jeremy brought on Dr Ghosh to give Adam some tough news - and it worked but in an unexpected way.

Dr Ghosh showed Adam the damage he had done to his body. He was generally fit and well, but his nose and mouth were ruined. Food came out of his nose when he ate because his constant snorting had eroded his nasal cavity and back of the throat; his face would collapse if he didn't stop.

This provoked an emotional response from Adam and Jeremy leapt on this insight into Adam's psychology. Losing his looks would make Adam change, not losing his partner or stepson. Nothing in five years moved him as much and Jeremy was frustrated that Adam's vanity would save him, not his loving, caring partner Donna. He was going to get clean but not for noble reasons.

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