Dr Arun Ghosh Delivers Presentation to Liverpool University LMSS

On Thursday 10th of January 2013, Dr Arun Ghosh returned to University for an evening media doctor presentation for the Liverpool Medical Students Society (LMSS) at their first meeting of 2013.
Along with a some great food, the biggest and best LMSS meeting to date took place in The Jack Leggate Theatre, the original home of the LMSS.  

Special guest speaker and former Liverpool graduate, Dr Arun Ghosh took to the stage and gave the audience a special insight into being the Jeremy Kyle doctor and also had plenty of medical stories to share.

Medical student Tom Wellens said "Great night at the LMSS meeting with Dr Arun Ghosh, quality meeting and quality talk".


For more information about the media presentations, or media work with Dr Arun Ghosh, please contact hello@drarunghosh.co.uk