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Russell Hoyles

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Management
CCETSW, BA App Soc Stud, GHR

Tel: 07921 212728
Office: 0333 200 3338

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Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mind Management/CBT, and Counselling

Areas of Specialism:

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management.
  • Stress, Anxiety and Mood Disorder.
  • Sports Performance.


As a Mental Health Practitioner with the NHS and Social Services for over 26 years, during which he completed numerous ongoing ‘professional development’ training programmes, and as a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Management/CBT, Life Coach and Counsellor for the past 8 years working in reputable private sector clinics across the North West, Mr Hoyles offers a wealth of experience and skills.

Areas of Specialism:

Weight Loss and Weight Management. Mr Hoyles offers a comprehensive programme tailored to your requirements and which provides you with the ability to change your habits and behaviors.  

Unique benefits of this programme compared to diets and exercising alone:

  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Develops your coping strategies for long term weight loss and control.
  • Includes support from Russell Hoyles, in addition to the face-to-face consultations.
  • Delivered by an experienced Health Practitioner.

Stress, Anxiety and Mood Disorder. Mr Hoyles has extensive experience in these fields. He will tailor a programme for you that helps you to understand your responses and which teaches you techniques and provides insights that help you manage your emotions and feelings.

You will:

  • Become a participant in your own recovery.
  • Develop insights that allow you to accept and understand where unwelcome thoughts and feelings come from.
  • Re-train your thinking and learn new thought processes that allow you to adjust to a 'better place'.
  • Address lifestyle issues that compromise your wellbeing.

Sports Performance. Mr Hoyles has a passion for sport being both participant and spectator throughout his life. He has worked with professional Rugby League players, professional boxers and high level golfers including US Golf Scholars. 

He can help you:

  • Manage the pressures that impact your game negatively.
  • Access the 'inner game' where your talent lies and free you up to express your full potential.
  • Help you address the 'demons' of post injury and retirement.
  • Achieve your best.

Treatments Offered:

Mr Hoyles typically offers a programme of treatment/therapy. Each individual programme will use elements drawn from the following therapeutic models which complement each other and which will be indicated to a lesser or greater degree for each person.

Life Coaching: Looks at lifestyle issues, work life balance and areas of your life where your potential to feel well and healthy can be enhanced by life changes and adjustments. You will be invited to reflect and prioritise your wellbeing and 'self' so you and those important to you benefit.

Clinical Hypnotherapy: A hypnotic state is simply an altered state of consciousness. You will be very relaxed but fully aware and indeed more receptive to suggestions and concepts offered for your benefit. Techniques such as positive visualisation, aversion, mental rehearsal can all help a person change. Trained in a 'permissive' style Mr Hoyles works with you so that you are fully informed and agreeable to each session, its content and purpose.

Mind Management/CBT: Looks at negative/harmful thought processes, where they come from, and how to recognise them, change them, and to embed and learn new ways of thinking, acting and being. This requires some reflective work both in sessions and outside and is typically very effective in helping clients make change.

Counselling: Is a generic term within which a number of approaches can be applied. Engagement, listening/attending skills such as clarifying, paraphrasing, summarizing, reframing, non-verbal attending and skilled guided reflection can help you address issues you are struggling with.

Mr Hoyles has a reputation for empathetic supportive client care and any issue will be addressed sensitively and non-judgementally.

Mr Hoyles offers other therapies and treatments which may not be listed here.

Personal Profile: Mr Hoyles enjoys his work and home life. He is family man with a passion for sport and fitness. Clients note his sense of humour and supportive nature, he is approachable and values his clients and colleagues alike.

You will find him both highly skilled but ordinary and grounded.


Clinic Times: Thursday 11am - 4pm (other times on request)

Contact Mr Hoyles Directly:   Mob: 07921 212728

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We are also happy to work with brokers or insurance providers to provide a home visit or clinic appointment for their members. We can supply a follow up report when required. Payment is taken by invoice.

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